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I washed Smidgen today. All the best people are spinning Jacob these days, you know.


I wish I could have gone.


Ha! That plate belongs to Mrs. Paul. Good one, isn't it.


.5 fleece(s)...I truly do not believe it.


What a fun day! So glad that you got to meet Jessica (Zarzuela).

Caroline M

Half a fleece? Does this mean you have intentions about spinning down the stash?

I hate poking about in fertiliser bags trying to see what it is that I'm about to buy, I think having a table to open the fleece up is a great idea, to see the whole thing rather than a couple of locks would encourage me to buy.


I only came home with a set of Jacob horn buttons. The temptation to bring home more was so great, but I managed to be realistic and as sensible as one can be under the influence of wool fumes.


I can just hear that conversation on the stone wall - so YOU and I'm so sorry I missed it.


Great picture of Zarzuela and her cobblestone.


He is a saint. You knew that tho.

Only 0.5 of a fleece? REMARKABLE restraint. Truly. :)


Oh, I'm so sad about Nancy Benda -- I am a big fan of her work. I knit the bunny Bunny of her fiber. And a scarf. Sad, sad.


That IS the best fiber plate ever! And those dolts in DMV didn't get it, which makes it even funnier! A gorgeous Cobblestone, indeed. I have not been to one festival this year and probably won't get to any. I'm fine with that. Anxiously awaiting those scan results....


I cannot BELIEVE I did not see you. FAIL!


Love that license plate. You'd think someone somewhere at the DMV would have gone "Hey, wait a minute..."
I'm still depressed that I missed the festival. It is now imperative that I go to Vt S&W in October. I don't care if I have to walk. Uphill both ways. In the snow.


I didn't go this year, not as vendor, not as spender. :( Missed it. Enjoyed your fun!

Melissa G

I have a shopping list of 3 items for Estes Park in 3 weeks. Will see how I do then; I'm working on considered choices and catching up on WIPs (still). [That sounds so self-congratulatory until you consider that my WIP-list also includes planned projects for which I have the materials and numbers > 10 (probably > 20--am afraid to get exact count).]


It was very nice to meet you! Thank you for the sweet words about my sweater too. :-)


Thanks for the virtual trip...it was almost like being there!


It was so nice to see you at the fair....I wish we had more time to visit!


for the record, all six of Heidi's fleeces are washed (including Morsel). I'm currently spinning Emiline's fleece on a drop spindle (all 9 pounds of it...). The Jacobs are getting sorted an drum carded. I won't run out of fiber related projects for a little while....

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