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Cheryl S.


Caroline M

It looks lovely although I am not a fan of multiend projects. Knitter know thy weaknesses.


Isn't it nice to see the grass again? Maybe you can't yet but we can and it's wonderful. Cold today but warmer over the weekend and that makes me happy!


That's a whole lotta pizzazz for such a simple idea! Totally worth the end-weaving.
Glad you've got your ice beaten into submission, with no damage to you or Mr.E.


Mr. E's scarf if very cool and I love the two colors you used. Thankfully you were successful in clearing the house of snow and ice without TOO much injury to self.
I think I know where you found all that snow and the beautiful blue sky. xoxo


Great pic of that cool guy you live with ! I have been training for the show shoveling olympics too .


Why have I not noticed that scarf before? That is too cool. I am easily amused as well.


Very cool! Do you have to work all those color changes on every row?

Peg in Kensington, CA

Very nice. I didn't see that scarf. But I did succumb to an Isager shawl at Stitches West. Those Tutto folks (I first saw Isager at their store in Santa Fe) were sharing Ruhama's who has Kauni. And with the Marian Foale booth. Bought something from each part.


Love it! I'll have to look that one up.


That's a lot of ends to weave! The scarf looks great though.


A couple of years ago we installed a Frost King heating coil on the roof. Turn on the switch and start the melt! I highly recommend it.

Great pic of Mr. E. and scarf.

Melissa G

That IS a great scarf. Hooray for conquered ice dams! We had a couple intrepid daffodil shoots appear, but it's turned cold again...


Hi Mr.E...that is a lovely scarf you are sporting. :-)


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