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I have a sneaky suspicion that you could have fixed that mistake without tinking back. Next time, try just dropping the offending stitch(s).


March never lives up to my expectations! And that 2 feet of snow on April 1st was in 1997, not 1998.


That April blizzard was the year I did in fact walk home uphill through a blizzard. In a skirt. For an hour. With trees falling all around me into the road. After abandoning my car on the road, after driving for two hours.

This year, I shall be working at home on Friday for the storm. I for one have learned something in the past 14 years.

I've also just learned not to count the stitches left in my MY mindless knitting shawl.


This March sure blew every fond feeling I ever had for the month to smithereens. Terrible diagnosis, the tracheotomy day after my birthday, for Pete's sake, all the other procedures, and now the nasty effects of chemo and radiation. However, if this gets us another March together, I'll take it!

Cheryl S.

Exactly! Every year here, people gripe about the cold and snow in March. But that's normal weather. I guess we just too excited for spring, and forget that it's almost always that way.


Hm. I'll try to limit my expectations--I think you're on to something here!

What's your first-favorite nonfiction book?


That book sounds really interesting. I'll check it out!

Caroline M

The book applies to knitting too. I know before I cast on that I have this fantasy in my mind about how my project will look, it's always perfect in every way, the colour, the fit, the execution, everything. It's not surprising that the reality never lives up to the dream.

My weather comes in fine-indecisive-plain-wet. Today started off being indecisive but it's now sunny. It will be a good day if the fence stays in place


After moving up here 20+ years ago, I didn't realize how my expectations of spring had changed until the time I was telling my Grandmother I would visit her in early spring, and realized I was referring to May...
In Vermont, March is not spring. April isn't even spring...


Usually March has a few more spring-like days, but this year...not so much. This is the year I'm happy I don't live in NE. Stay warm!


Susan is not a duck - she is a throw-caution-to-the-wind kinda gal. I, however, AM a duck. I woulda likely frogged as well.

Hopefully you are dodging the storm. Or sending it to us.

Melissa G

I have come to expect ANYTHING from March: yesterday we hit 84, today I took daughter skiing and came home to 30 degrees cooler than when we left and it was snowing. If only we could skip the wind...
Pseudo-monogamy (right now) is my moebius and two socks. I surprise myself with how entranced I am with various methods of going 'round in circles, but don't want to ponder that too long.

Melissa G

Except it's April!

Lee Ann

I'm adding psychic rejiggering to my lexicon NOW.
(Yep, I'm back and still alive, Laurie!)
And that is one GORGEOUS mitten. Yowsa.


In 1977 spring came at the beginning of March. Really. I was a college freshman in Ohio, and I thought it delightful to be in a place where spring actually came at the proper time. Only it doesn't really: that year was an anomaly, both in Ohio and here. There was also 1998, when we had two weeks of amazingly gorgeous March weather, 70s and 80s every day, followed by a return to normal and, in the fullness of time, an extremely poor apple crop. To everything there is a season. (That snowstorm you mention actually happened in 1997; I can pinpoint it because my daughter was not yet a year old, but was, like her three-year-old brother, fully mobile and without discretion of any kind. The memory of a day spent alternately trying to dig through 30 inches of snow and herding toddlers while Grant took his turn will be with me always.)

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