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A very fine list and a very fine picture!


Great list. I forgot basil on mine! That's one of my favorite smells.


Oh, my. This list gives me such longings - for nothing in particular and yet for everything. It is spring, isn't it, with all its elemental wants.


Beautifully written. I love your list. I, too, agree that winter/snow has a smell.

Caroline M

I'm really not sold on the snow and horse muck, I'd substitute coffee and new mown grass. I'm not a big coffee drinker but I like the smell of it.


Ah, horse muck. Not much like it :) I went to horse camp as well, some of my greatest memories ... I miss Cloverdale! Great list :)


I love your list, except maybe the horse manure. Grew up on a farm, I can live without it.
I could probably pick John out of a line up blindfolded, just by smell, and I mean that in a good way. No cologne, just handsome man scent.


I wouldn't stop at the horse, I'd go with the whole farm smell -- I suppose as long as I can escape it. And herbs! I love working the soil around my lavender plants -- and they're right outside my garage door, so I can swipe my hand through on my way to and fro.


Good sheepy smell indeed! Happy TOT!


I agree with horse manure. Anything horse is wonderful. Also - puppy breath.


Wonderful list and I'm glad you pointed out the scientific reasons behind our responses to smells.


Old Spice.

Melissa G

I'd have to add the iconic Crayola smell, you know, when you first open the new box of crayons--all that potential.


Freshly mown grass. Cinnamon rolls. Vanilla. Coffee. Mmmm...


Yep...count me amongst those that love horse muck. :-)

...and how could I ever forgotten fleecy smells? Yikes that is a top contender for me. :-)



I totally agree with all except for snow - I'll take rain instead (it has a very distinctive smell as it starts to fall) - and wine - I'll take woodsmoke instead (a warm fire in the woodstove, a campfire in the evening, meat being smoked.)
Now I'm in the mood to go out and sniff things. And people already think I'm odd...


When my older two boys were babies I used to go muck stalls at the local stable in exchange for riding lessons. And to get away from the diapers.....go figure. T could never figure that one out from a smell standpoint! Coffee would definitely have to go on my list!


I'm with you on the grilling beef, but we part company on the horse manure.


In no particular order:

My husband.
Baking bread.
The scent of old English roses, lavender, rosemary.
The smell of fresh-cut lawn.
The smell of snow.
The smell of spring, that first day in what is still winter, snow deep on the ground, when you can smell the coming thaw.
Lemon :-)
The smell (and feel) of a clean linen on a freshly-made bed.
The smell of the sea.
Hot tar and dust, the smell of Alberta roads in summer in the 1960s.

I like other food smells - the grilling beef, roasting chicken, and so forth - but they're knocked out of the top ten because they linger past their time and can permeate everything. Food smells belong in the kitchen and the dining room. But I haven't mentioned the scent of woodsmoke! Pine or hardwood, they're both good. Better than lemon? I can't decide.


Great list. I love your reasoning. I can't believe I forgot Rosemary. It grows really well just off my patio and sometimes it fills the air and envelopes us.

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