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By the time I visit all the new blogs listed by everyone on Carole's ToT list I'll be sucked into a vortex of no return!


Interesting list. I really did think there would be a wine blog or two on here. I was hoping, anyway!


You could have opted to work the third colour in duplicate stitch, but new skills are good.

I too love Hyperbole and a Half. Just the name makes me smile.


Smitten Kitchen is totally worth it. Her peanut butter cookies are out of this world and won me a blue ribbon at my local county fair (with a few mods, of course). Plus, her kiddo is just adorable.


Life is too short for three colours a row. Just because you can doesn't mean you should. Duplicate stitch would be my solution.

All my non-knitting blogs are weaving blogs.


Kits like Dusk - I will be knitting garter stitch for the rest of this year, I think. Next time I want to knit some giant project, please remind me that knitting hats or mittens gets me to the finish line so much faster.

I suppose if I'm ever going to blog again I need to just pick up in the middle of a random thought somewhere...


My Google Reader was already bulging - this has been a dangerous Ten on Tuesday.
Two, three, or four colors per row - you're still just knitting one color at a time. There's just a little bit more yarn management going on...


I also love Hyperbole and a Half. It sometimes makes me laugh until I cry. I just starting reading your blog, and I'm going to try the Zoya nail products. Since I've gotten older (ahem,,over 50), my nails just keep splitting and are dry. I like the idea of no formaldehyde products.


I've already added three blogs to my feed as a result of this topic! Now I'll have to check out your faves!


I'll vouch for the quality of Smitten Kitchen's recipes! I've made over a dozen of them and every one was delicious. (She also made my Top 10 list.)


Because you'll be proud of yourself when you accomplish it. Since my Google feed is up to 400 unread posts, I am being smart and not checking out anyone's suggestions for new blogs. I am not a total ninny.


Love Smitten Kitchen - YUMMMM - that's the only one I recognize. Thank you for Anne Nahm - just added her to google reader :-)

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