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For years I did a full makeup, nails, hair look and spent untold amounts of money. Allergies made me give it up, but being beauty product free has been so enjoyable! #4 and #9 are the only things I could never give up...oh, and maybe #10.


That is a great list. I am especially fond of #10.


Actually that was a GREAT Ten on Tuesday entry... I've got to try the Redken products (I have the same hair problems you do) and it was very reassuring to read another blogger who doesn't do the full beauty routine!


I always tell the docs I work with that I pound pavement (run) so I don't pound them!

Caroline M

The junior euphonium player uses Burt's Bees lip balm. He's a closet user because boys don't do that sort of thing but cracked lips mean he can't play.

The dog dragged down one of my MCN batts tonight and mangled it. I'm still grieving.


Ah the emery board. Definitely a must have.


I guess I'm not at the point where I'm trying to turn back the clock or even really trying to make myself look better. For me it's about enjoying what I'm using so I want a pleasing scent or a lovely feel to my skin or just a pretty look. And I'm getting my exercise these days, ma'am.


I have a short list. An insanely expensive SPF 55 sunscreen/moisturizer that I wear almost every day.

I still do not know how my great-aunt Lil, who will be 90 this year, is still wrinkle-less and gorgeous after years of heavy makeup, smoking and coloring her hair with toxic chemicals.


Yep, emery board and bees wax / olive oil based lip balms for lips and cuticles. These days my exercise by necessity is the constant removal of snow by numerous methods.

The socks look beautiful and cozy. Bet they are soft.


The BEST shampoo I've ever used was found at a hotel (probably one in PC!) and was only available online. They "discontinued" it, then brought it back. My DIL is also addicted, but sadly, they have once again discontinued it. I bought a boatload while I could. Of course, this time of year I could use laundry soap and my hair would be straight.....it's summer that gets my frizzies going! I need to get better with the skin and lip care products, and wish I could find something besides Crazy Glue that works on the winter split thumb. Jogging on treadmill, madame. This week some snowshoeing.


Hey, I already have 3, 4, 5, 8, and 9! I feel half as smart as a doctor. ;)


Love your list - esp. #1 heehee :-)
won't be there today - see you next week!


My response to this week's Ten would have been
1. Ummm....

I get plenty of exercise at work (pushing, pulling, powerwalking umpteen laps around the store and up and down the stairs), not to mention benchpressing sheep and chickens at home... 8)


love the 'feet to the fire' pic !!
My daughter's salon makes some great products for those of us with fine curls... I can mail you some if you'd like - they make a huge difference.

Mona P

Love your list, Laurie! You're right about #10, sermon and all.


Feet to fire pic makes me smile.

#10 - definitely. All the shoveling I've been doing this winter proves your point quite well.


I didn't do this one. I got as far as Bag Balm and nail clippers and couldn't think of any others. Plus they've discontinued my favorite conditioner again.

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