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Shibui Sock is good for lace...a small shawl, a dislike of yours.
The second skein is gorgeous and would look very nice on you! Get going and you'll have it ready for the slopes! We have plenty of snow (so far, so good)!
Happy Holidays from Smith and I to you and Mr. E!!


Thank you. I wish you well and hope you have a great holiday. How about doubling that sock yarn for a hood/cowl thing? Or those boot sock tops without feet?


Oh, you are SO well behaved! (I should talk!) Congratulations on all that rowing!


Congratulations on the rowing and Merry Happy Festivities!


Happy, Happy! The skein *is* pretty awesome!


Congrats on meeting your goal. And yeah, self image is too depressing to talk about on Christmas! I miss you!


Hugs and happiness!
Hurrah for goals met and goals conceived!
(And Hallelujah, we're past the solstice and the light will return to us...)


I stand in awe of your rowing accomplishment. Happy holidays. Glad to see them come and glad to see them go, I'm all about the light returning.


Congrats on your rowing goal! YIPPEE FOR YOU!!

Seriously pretty handpaint skein. You could just wear it as-is as an accessory. NICE!


Happy Holidays! Congrats on the rowing.

Caroline M

Did you know I live half an hour from Sherwood Forest and the Major Oak? Ok, so now you do.

A bit of ripping and that's another wip finished. It's too late to say that maybe you could have converted it to a mitten, ours get lost before they wear out so they don't need to be hard wearing.

Turkey sandwich anyone? (That probably doesn't travel so well. We don't have Thanksgiving so turkey is THE Christmas meat, everyone has it and everyone has leftovers)


The Shibui would make a soft hat or a lovely scarf - and you could WEAVE with it. Heh.

The answer to your different skeins is the POOF factor - BFL has it, icelandic doesn't. (The angora can, but the icelandic is holding it back.) When I spin BFL, it always POOFS to a larger diameter and snugs all those ply/twist angles together nicely. Polwarth is even POOFIER.

They're both lovely, BTW.

Kudos on your rowing cert. I have completely fallen down on the job of keeping myself healthily alive. Back on the horse (treadmill) next week, or even better, today.


Congrats on reaching your rowing goal!

I think it's too early to judge your skeins until they've been washed. The icelandic looks soooo soft! Yum!


Whoa...you are my hero! I jogged a full mile last week and thought I was doing well.....not so much, apparently! Happy Holidays to you both!


I knew you would kick that challenge in the ass. Congratulations!

If your pants still fit the same (or looser) then you've just gained muscle and don't worry about the scale. The scale can lie, but the jeans test never will.


It's funny how often we're on the same wavelength. There was an incident at my house this past weekend where I dared to bring home the correct size of jeans for my 15 y-o. She flipped and I had a really rough time explaining that she was not in fact, fat but that she looks it when she squeeezes into jeans that are a size too small. I tried to convince her that she'd look thinner in jeans of the proper size (sans muffin top). Not so successful. Body dysmorphic disorder is everywhere.

Melissa G

Holiday wishes and congrats to you! While I am frantically spinning an EKF batt on a deadline (May for the FO), I am itching to get my hands on my recently acquired BFL. Happily I am thwarted in harlotry because all my spindles are currently in use.

Peg in Kensington, California

Didn't know there was a certificate. Am definitely going to print it. Am definitely not going to drive after the bourbon I just had.


Happy New Year, Laurie!

I walked in the park yesterday, to make sure that I got things started. Thanks for the motivation!

Mary Lou

Happy New Year!


Lori...29 days of rowing is awesome!!! My hat is off to you and Mr E for sticking with it.

Many happy wishes to you both!

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