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I'm resisting that whole toe-up nonsense. Instead, I'm using all my sock yarn for woven scarves....the self-patterning ones make PLAID, all by themselves! I am so easily amused.....

Happy Holidays!


I believe YOU were the one who set the deadline; I just goaded you into toe-up socks. And you slyly sucked me into knitting socks. I am such a sucker for company in my obsessions.


You'll do fine with the toe up method. I tried three times which ended in a strike out. I'll not join the team again.
Go grrl, go! Your WIPs are dying to be FOs!


I tried toe up and it was okay but definitely not my preferred method for knitting socks.


Try the Widdershins socks from Knitty: http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEsummer06/PATTwiddershins.html
Toe up with a proper heel flap. (I can't remember now if I followed the actual pattern or just yoinked the heel...)

Good luck with your rowing!


Toe up has not been a success for my high arches. Even increasing the heel flap to 3" still didn't produce a comfortable sock, and almost impossible to pull on. Good luck. If my feet fit the style, I'd be right on it. Definitely a great method for knitting as much yarn as you have without running out.


OK, I only row at the gym and then quite infrequently. But so far I've got 2683 meters, and it will be fun for me to keep track this month.

Cheryl S.

I've tried toe-up and it's OK, but if I do one again, I'd definitely have to knit a regular heel flap, or something similar. I have a high instep, and the short row heels just don't work for me at all. Too bad, because I like how they look.

Good luck with the rowing!


I would kill for a good rower that wouldn't empty my bank account, but seeing as there are more pressing household needs....

Caroline M

I cheat with toe ups and hold them against a pair of cuff downs because when I try them on I can't tell when is the right place to start the heel.

Remember, "just because you can, doesn't mean you should".

Peg in Kensington, California

Started the challenge on Friday at the Performance Max rowing class, but tweaked my back so only could do a little on Saturday and missed my class on Sunday. Back at it tonight, I hope. Haven't done toe up yet, but someday.


I share your frustration. It's terribly hard for me to wrap my brain around the heel on toe-up socks.


Priscilla Gibson-Roberts' Simple Socks. For the measurements if nothing else. Cheryl S.'s comment interests me, though. I also have a high instep and perhaps that's why my short-row heels pull sometimes. Hmm.


After repeated failures, I have learned to ignore the cast-ons for toe up socks and do a provisional cast-on (the one with the crochet chain), leaving a long tail. After I'm through the toe increases, I take out the cast-on, knit one plain row then kitchener the toe together. Outside of that, toe-ups work for me, but I find them boring.

The next few months are the *best* time for being a knitter and spinner, keeps me sane during the dark days.


I know that you'll conquer the toe-up sock. Maybe you'll even like it.

I know what you mean about the weight of the WIP's. I want to finish some but my brain seems to be scattered right now. I hope I can get it together soon.


toe up shmoe up.. hah ... Truly not my forte.. :-S
The indoor rower sounds like a great effort. I've been bike riding, yet not making any progress on the tummy bloat nor weight yet - alas.. but I still have hopes.


Oh, that cast on - much use of bad words ensued when I tried. I did find an alternative I could use but had to figure out why I kept doing it backwards. The brain is a curious thing.

Good luck with your indoor rowing. I ended up with a rowing machine from Mom getting rid of stuff. Its an excellent antidote to long stretches of knitting.


Um... I managed to do Judy's Magic Cast-On on dpns... wooden ones, that don't slide out of the yarn.

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