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Your list is just as dangerous as mine. And yes, it's best to just delete those Loopy updates. I haven't trained Sanguine Gryphon yet, can you believe it?


Two posts in two days!! YAY!
If only we could buy yarn on-line! Amazon is wonderful and it saves on my GF food dollars. I frequent the other suggestions on your list, except LB, because I'm an EB fan.


That should say WINE on-line. Of course we can buy YARN on-line. duh


Martha arrived; I need nothing more!


Try Tom Bihn's site: I've been jonezing for a new knitting bag



Blow up Turkey?? My....


You are an evil, evil enabler. I said I don't buy yarn and fiber online because I get enough of it locally and here you wave all these gorgeous sites in front of me.

So not going there /sigh

How'd you get that parade float to fit in your house?


And why do you have a parade float in your house...


Let me just thank you for not linking to all these sites and further tempting me! Great list, and I'd forgotten about Patternfish.


Good to know about Lands End...I was all set to order from the latest catalog!. My fiber on-line sites have dwindled to WEBS and Halcyon, since they both have weaving stuff. I'm ripping through my sock yarn stash making scarves on the loom, by the way...that huge box will be nearly empty by Christmas and I've even found some old goodies in the closet (Brooks Farm from about 8 years ago!) that are scarf-able. I've had no luck downloading the iPhone update. Love Amazon Prime...just got a dress form. Don't ask.


I never even thought of listing Twist Collective but you're right about it. I also agree 100% about Amazon Prime. It's just way too easy.

Caroline M

Etsy for small light things, Sarah's Yarns for rather larger cone shaped things and even I shop at WEBS. I love the immediate gratification from Patternfish, it's just a pity that you can't get yarn the same way.

My son is the app monster, he was doing some fruit slicing thing yesterday.


<3 my apps.....
have you discovered "Angry Birds" game yet... daughter started me on it... it should come with a warning label (hazardous to your free time ).. I dare you to play just one...

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