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All the blue is over here (or at Terry's). You have many ambitious projects on the needles. It must be the time of year as we're settling in for the winter and feel the need to fill up the spaces around us with yarn and projects. You're doing a good job of grieving.

Caroline M

You've been brainwashed by the leaves, it happens to me this time every year. How can you not love oranges and golds when you've been seeing them for so long?

Volt looks like a summer project to me, the black is a killer at this time of year.


Purple and black and orange? Who are you and what have you done with our Laurie?


Oh, dear - Pamuya is impossible to resist. Queued.

Cheryl S.

Wow - you've got a lot of awesome projects going! And those hats - yum! I don't even wear hats like that and I want to make them.


Yes, more than fair. I have coveted those hats myself. I love most everything at her VY store.

Setting goals is good tho - keeps you from having 300 sets of size 5 circs.


I've tried that 'I won't let myself start X until I've finished Y' before, but I find that my definitions of 'start' and 'finish' get a little blurred. (ie: casting on, and even knitting the first few (less than 20) rows, don't count as 'starting', and 'finished' grows to mean anything-over-half-way...)


Sorry, I broke into a cold sweat on "nothing is blue."


Mmmmm, red and orange.

I'm not convinced autumn is over, though. (Especially not this week, in San Diego...where it's still summery.)


That sounds fair to me! I seem to be doing everything possible to avoid finishing my MIL's Parcheesi and it has got.to.stop.


That Starmore hat kit has been on my want list for months. I'm just trying to find the justification for it.

Speaking of justification, I recently put in an order for more KP needles too. I told my husband that it was because some of the cables on the ones I have were nicked but I really just didn't feel like finishing the stuff that needed finishing to free the needles.


Nothing? Is blue? *speechless*


I agree with Caroline: it's the leaves. It happens to me too, generally as a fit of nostalgia after most of the beautiful foliage is gone. I haven't knit any of the things you mention (natch), but they are stunning. I have a few more Red Scarves demanding my attention first, though. (Most peculiarly I found no red yarn in my stash. I ordered from WEBS over a week ago, and it finally shipped yesterday.)

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