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Fascinating finds as usual on your travels. Yummy snack indeed. :-)


How incredibly fascinating! The bicycle might even get me to ride again...it's major cool. And so are the mystery wheels. You have a good eye for spotting anything fiber related. Your blog public appreciates it, but I wouldn't mind a few shots of the beautiful Victoria! How many bucks did you spend on sucks?


I love those wheels. They are sort of steampunk in their own way. Tres fashionable'.


I'd like to know more about both of those wheels. That's a great price for oysters!

Cheryl S.

I love the sweater.


That is so cool! I love going along on trips!


That is a huge honkin' flyer. I think of trying to fill it with laceweight and despair. Then I realize that even if I owned it, I wouldn't have to fill it with laceweight.


Ah, but it's your blo-og, and you'll blog what you want to! Rilly, L, we'll go along with you anywhere you go.

The Japanese wheel? Works just like a great wheel, only it's smaller, sits on the floor, and has a hand crank. Here's a lovely pic of one in use: http://tinyurl.com/27x74xt

Caroline M

You can show me all the holiday photos you like, the top one today (or one almost exactly like it) has been on my staircase since 1997. My photo has the ferry that is making the return trip just coming through the gap on the left.


I like the scenery, too. It's a lovely change from what I see here...


that "spinning wheel" looks like it was an old sewing machine base adapted by some ingenious woman who wanted to spin ;-)

Buck a shuck?? whoa. great price. how many shuck wouldda knitter shuck if a knitter could shuck for a buck?> (giggle) wouldda been a pile for me!


Our favourite Japanese restaurant is in Victoria (sad, that). Daidoco is tiny, near the Bug Zoo (also worth a visit) and not so much a restaurant as a diner/deli. Excellent small meals of extremely fresh seafood with lashings of green tea.

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