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You have me on a Bugga lust kick. If ever I am fortunate enough to be get my hands on a skein it will be your fault. Love you little basket! How perfect for spinning wheel needs. That hanging thingy is about as creep as Halloween tricks come!


Gah, how do you have the energy for Rhinebeck and Stitches East AND the Gathering? I'm still exhausted from Rhinebeck (of course, I've also been doing Virtual SOAR and herding the Karmic Geese, but still).


I love the basket. I used to make lots of baskets but haven't in years. Still have a huge box of supplies in the basement. Maybe I should pull them out...


I'm just about to cast on a skein of Lisa Souza's yarn that has been in my stash for ages!


We didn't have any electronic scary things at our party but I'm hoping we can find some on sale this week to put away for next year's event. I would have gone to Stitches if I hadn't been hosting said party this weekend.


Hm... I even thought about Stitches too this year. I just need to get my butt in gear and come east, I guess, eh?

I actually like that sort of hourglass shape to your basket, FWIW.


Your basket is darling...good job! I'm intrigued for the first time now by Stitches: no bloggers, no Ravelry, older crowd, Black Water Abbey AND The Mannings? I might have to go next year!

As for your costume, I wish I'd have thought of that last night, although I don't have the shirt. I do have the Stetson, Lucchese boots AND a Ruger New Bearcat revolver. Dang! The boys would have enjoyed Granny Get Your Gun!


The basket looks nice! (No, self, there is not time to get back to basketweaving now.)

Caroline M

Back in the days when I used to dress up I used to become the bride of Dracula. I had a cheap black wig, white facepaint with talc dusting, major makeup, black plastic roses and the wedding dress of a friend. She gave it me after her divorce thinking I could do something with the lace and I certainly got more wear out of it than she did.

Love the basket.

Melissa G

Lisa Souza was my first intro to BFL. I knit a boy sweater out of it and 2 years later it still looks great after several ski trips, snowball fights, etc. So, yes, I'm a fan without even mentioning her color sense.

Also, the basket looks great with extra curves. You can argue you meant to give it a more stable base.


I absolutely love that basket! Night Birds is gorgeous also, and will be heavenly to knit, I'm sure. Lisa Souza is a FB friend!


Stitches was fun when it was in Baltimore but Hartford is way too far. I did like the different feel of it and the different vendors I saw.

I love your basket. It's so cute. If you hadn't said anything I would've thought the shape was intentional.

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