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Awesome post! You're a great writer and it's so fun to follow someone else's Rhinebeck as they describe it. Thanks for the kind words about Collins - will see you soon again, I hope!


I brought home one fleece, and next year I'll put down a deposit on a Pocket Wheel.

So, send me those shawl photos, will ya?


You bought Bugga? And an Abby batt? Count me even more envious. It's no surprise you trouted fro Jennifers yarn and Anne's pattern. Both are amazing and, perhaps, you'll have a bigger shawl to show off next year. I'm not so patiently waiting for Amy's new cardi. It's difficult to keep up with either Thea's or Amy's production, let alone anyone else!
Grrl oh grrl, I missed you alL!!!!


Look at you -- braving the nor'easter for the basket class. Courage!


It was wonderful to see you :o)


I didn't realize you drove up on FRIDAY! I'd have given you a bigger hug! (My class was great, too.) We got there at 10 ish on Saturday and the ONLY person I saw the whole time I was there was JessaLu! I bought one tiny belt shuttle (less than $10) and some Bartlett Yarn for the blanket I'm gonna weave someday. Obviously, Terry did not go to the right apple crisp guy....he said it was not worth the money or the calories.


I wish I'd stopped at the Sanguine Gryphon booth but I went on by because it was crowded. I stood in the shortest line I've ever seen for artichokes - maybe 5 minutes tops. They were worth it. And Dale tried the fried pickles. I had one and well, meh.


It was so wonderful to see you there. Your post makes me nostalgic and it hasn't even been a week! It'll be a long year ahead. . .

(. . .the waiting made easier by SPA, of course.)


That's so fantastic! That is a great birthday present.

I'm so glad I got to see you, too! (And Mom and I really do almost always have apple crisp there, even if not specifically for lunch.)


Did you see the new Patrick Green carder over at Susan's Fiber Shop? Oh man....I'm already saving up...

Caroline M

I felt disappointed when you said you'd passed on the pocket wheel so I'm glad that there was a happy ending. Good job Mr E. I like that you can change the ratios, I have a hatbox Louet and it just has the one.

Off to research apple crisp now.


You obviously were filled with reduced-sleep fortitude. I probably would have talked you into the wheel right then and there. I am sort of that way, but I'm glad Mr. E rose to the challenge.

Looks awesomely fun, awesome and fun. :) Let's see some class sample pics when you are here next, eh?


I can't believe I didn't see you! I was at the festival Friday-Sunday. Oh, but I did get a picture of Vanessa in her shawl (ironically, I took it stealthily and then realized it was her).

Cheryl S.

Glad you had a great time! Mmmmm. Apple Crisp.
Those shawls are awesome.


So, so great to see you at Rhinebeck! Wish it could have been a longer, and less frenzied, visit! :-D


I really enjoyed your Rhinebeck experience - living vicariously - great post!
(PS - you told me to follow links - they don't work - just letting you know. I'm off to find them myself :)


YAY for Mr. E!!!!! You know you will love it. :-)


What a great recap! I'll be on the lookout for a pocket wheel at SAFF this weekend, I really want a travel wheel. And if I come to Rhinebeck next year, I will DEFINITELY need directions to that apple crisp vendor!


It was good to see you, even if it was far too brief, and agreed on the apple crisp, though ours came with the ice cream.


Lucky girl with her pocket wheel! in cherry, no less. It will be beautiful!!


Your man just rocks, let me say. I am very envious of the folks that got to go to Rhinebeck, but my credit card bill is probably better off.


That Mr. E. He's a keeper.

Melissa G

Shoot--I've clicked on the Pocket Wheel link twice now! We've repurposed some rooms and there's actually a space I can slot it in...then reality reasserts and I realize I do not want to protect a new wheel from a new dog. Maybe later.


Great post and soooo good to see you. Next time I make it up there (whenever that is) you'll have to tell me the right apple crisp vendor. It's the only fair fod I ate and i think I went to the wrong guy. I remember it being better last year.


You make Rhinebeck sound like Shangri-La. (One of these years, I hope to be able to attend.)
Pictures of the basket? I'd drive long semi-comatose hours for a basket class like that...


wish I had been there too ;-)
Last time I saw Vanessa, she and I BOTH had on our heartwarmer shawls! it was a great moment.
And yes, Knitting-back-backwards is a blast (and easier than it sounds). Come on out, I'll teach you!

Mary Lou

A sad comment that I was more attracted by the idea of apple crisp with caramel. What a good idea! One of these years I will make Rhinebeck, it is not far from my sisters. I do enjoy your writing, thanks.

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