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That is a great shawl! Your spinning is exquisite, as usual.


You finished!!! Yay for you!


I second Erin! And it's even prettier in person btw. :-)


LOVE that shawl.


Put the shawl around your neck with the point in front and the ends wrapped around. It will keep the breezes of your neck and show off the lace. Everyday I wear a small shawl, but I love the bigass shawls, too.


Gorgeous shawl....looks like something I should put in the queue! And the yarn is divine....which wheel?


That shawl is gorgeous! Color and the pattern - enjoy.


Love the color! I would wear it around the shoulders, under the colar of my winter coat for a little more warmth, and a spot of color. Margene's idea of point in front is also nice. I work in an overly air-conditioned office and usually have a scarf of some kind around my neck to block the continuous draft. This shawl would be perfect for that.


I love the shawl! And it's so nice to see a picture of you on your blog for a change! I miss you!!

Caroline M

You could always put the point on one shoulder and fling both ends where they will. I like knitting big lace pieces but I only ever wear the little ones. You can wear them with a t shirt and jeans without looking odd.

Your plying/decluttering looks far better than mine, my yarn is destined for a hot wash with much agitation because that's about all it's good for. Yours has much more potential.

Cheryl S.

Ah, the sisterhood of the teeny-tiny shawl syndrome.

I have yet to figure out what to do with my smaller-than-anticipated shawl.

But Onerva's very pretty, and the color is great on you. I think you should just wear it around your neck as a scarf. I like mine with the point hanging over one shoulder, and the ends tied around the neck on the opposite side.


I scrunch those smaller "shawls" up and wrap them around my neck in more of a freeform scarf- or cowl-like arrangement -- sometimes the point disappears altogether! It's lovely!!


It's lovely! And it's a great size--it will fit underneath your winter coats like a scarf--but a BETTER, classier scarf that you can then wear all day long if you want to!


gorgeous shawl - I especially like the last pose, where you look like such a vamp, Mr. E. must have been making adorable faces at you or something. Shawls pre-blocking always look like ka-ka.. glad you stretched her to her limit. She's stunning.


Hey there!! I like the shawlette -- try wearing it scrunched up with the point in the front or side -- you may like that way!


Another shawl for the queue....that color just pops and looks like a nice solid that will go with a lot of other colors. Verra nice.

I want my spinning to look like your spinning.


THAT came out good. Is it better even than you thought? The color really sings on this one on you. Good choice.


I was just eyeing a blog yesterday where a knitter had made a series of small shawls and was wearing them with the big point in front, ends crossed behind the neck and back to the front. Very nice look.
Onerva is absolutely lovely!


Nice shawl!

And I agree re: your spinning and of course about the decluttering. It's sometimes easier to find a use if you have the yarn already in hand.


The shawl looks really nice. I adore the color of it.


Oh, I like her! She's so geometric. But small. If I make her I might have to embiggen.


If your computer will read your iPod as another drive, can you download the file onto the computer and then drag and drop?

I like the shawl. It just isn't big, is all. It's a line-your-coat-collar or tie-around-your-neck, as all those wise women have said. And it will fit in your bag, for sure.


I really, really like that last picture of you.

mary lou

It's really a scarf, right? So no problem. Premature closure in problem solving. That's funny. What do they call the opposite problem?


That is really a great color for you. And those photos are terrific!


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