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That is a beautiful, beautiful blanket!


Beautiful blanket, and cute model.

I've knit a couple of shawls with superwash wool, and they're not icky. They may not hold a block as well as untreated wool, but they're still soft and pleasant to wear.


Baby blankets may be the very best way to use superwash yarn. You picked a great color for the baby blanket and your knit fabric is lovely. You have a way of picking the best models for the job.

Fiber content (such as part silk or bamboo)and number of plies (2 or 3 ply) will make a difference in success of lace with superwash.


Gorgeous baby blanket! Lucky baby/mom :)

The Oatmeal ROCKS!


Ooooo.. GORGEOUS. The color is fantastic. The whole thing reminds me of standing on a coral reef off the coast of Jamaica peering down into stingray-laden waters. Not that I've done this, but it reminds me of that.... :)


I'm always worried about superwash holding a blocking. Of course, for a baby blanket, you couldn't ask for anything better. The blanket is lovely, as is the baby boar!

Caroline M

Lots and lots of people knit lace with superwash yarn and like the results, your baby blanket is a good example. It is superwash, it is lace and it is a thing of beauty. Don't give up on sock yarn lace just yet.


Oh, and you tinked 550 stitches?? You are my new hero. Either that, or you're crazy. ;-)


Love the baby blanket and so will the baby! :-)

Cheryl S.

I, too, am a skeptic of the superwash sock yarns for lace. I had a hard time figuring out what pattern to use for the Dream in Color 'Smooshy' I bought in a moment of insanity. I knew it wouldn't hold a block very well, so it had to be something where that wouldn't matter too much, so I picked feather-and-fan. It's done, it's pretty, but it's not really all that comfortable to wear.


OK, you officially win the bacon 10 on Tuesday, nobody can top that. As to the superwash wool thing in shawls, I too have been wondering what the attraction is. I think of using superwash when I want to be able to throw something in the machine or it's going to be washed frequently -- neither of which I would do with a shawl. But since my preferred lace knitting is done with cobweb or lace weight yarn, I keep the SW fingering weight for socks.

Mary Lou

I am currently making a lace stole as a shop model in Madelinetosh Laceweight superwash merino. I didn't block a swatch or anything radical like that, so we'll see how it holds up after blocking. I think the deal is that there is so much lovely sock yarn and not everyone wants to make socks with it. I'd just as soon never use superwash unless it is for an item like your baby blanket. Lovely.


I feel your pain on Volt. I messed up a transition on Maplewing, not once but *twice*, and had to tink back 2 rows each time. Is it sad that I can now tink almost as fast as I can knit?
I haven't tried any of the sock yarn shawls yet. I will give this much thought.
Lovely lovely blanket!


Oh heck, just drop the extra yo. I do!


SO pretty!


What a lucky baby to be surrounded with such loveliness!! I'm right there with you in being so very far behind in both reading blogs and tending to my own....


Every time I see that blanket I gasp.

Could you not just drop the extra yo?

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