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Piffle. I haven't blogged since June. I've been too busy knitting/spinning/weaving/talking on Rav/chasing dragonflies/living life.

No guilt. NO guilt.


You may be writing a pot of porridge, but at least it's good to hear you're alive. Take care of yourself we'll be here when your ready.


Haha! Laughing at Margene's " pot of porridge". Hope you survive the Etherstudent and don't get sick in the process. We'll all still be here on your return. :-)


Your Etherfriends


I've barely blogged myself - and I refuse to feel guilty until after teh Wedding That Sucked Up My Life is over. ;o)


Blog? Is that a verb? Haven't managed it myself in months.

Hang in there, kid - we'll be here when you come up for air. Some of the most interesting insights I've ever read have come from your keyboard.

Cheryl S.

Love it!!!


Oh, the lazy-blogger's autopost generator is hilarious. You can't fool me--you deliberately held off writing a post just so you could use it!

Caroline M

I decided it was down to alien possession by the time I'd hit the tenth word (alien possession used to be my explanation for many things - out of milk/missing socks in fridge/£3m out on my adding up). I'm glad to see that it was autogeneration and not little grey men although it's not been that long anyway since you posted.

You've survived it before and will do so again, see you on the other side.


Good to see that you are alive, but I don't think it's been *that* long. Do keep us updated on life and knitting, though!


That post generator is hysterical!
Hoping the tutee is easily tuted.


I'm laughing at your description - second star to the right.... don't worry, it'll all still be here in blogworld when you land.


It's summer. No worries.


I just love this post. It's so YOU.


NO guilt. SO happy to be "seeing" you here again!


Haha - I'm way more of blogging blob than you right now and I don't even have a good excuse.
LOVE the generator!


My mom's been nagging me to blog more often. I have heaps of stuff to blog but have been too busy doing the heaps of stuff! Hope the tutee appreciates the honor of belonging to you for this ever-so-important span. Have you taught Tootie to knit? Oh, the tumor shrank -- totally unexpected -- first time in 8 years -- possibly the D3 since that's the only difference. Very cool!


I'll drink wine with you when this shyte is over.


That's medico-a-medico. Best of luck.


ahem.. yeah, me too.. Mine had been almost a whole month.

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