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Great fibery finishings! Yeah at least you spun some of Felicia. I've got 4 full bobbins of her before TdF with 3 more bumps to chew through! Other more seductive rovings jumped the queue-lol. There's still more time until summer ends. :-)

Wow on the link! So that's what Cisco has been up to in my home town. Cool!


I really like the amount of plying twist in that second photo. I could shop like that. Hmmm.


Beautiful spinning. I haven't been to Gloucester and Rockport in ages!


I remember seeing Amy's when were in Gloucester many years ago (I think).
You spin beautifully. The EKF looks so soft and velvety. If your handspun can be used in any way it is not a fail.
If only shopping was that easy. Maybe they can do that for grocery shopping, too!


I think you actually got a lot of spinning done. And a varied batch, which is always good, cuz you learn something different each time, don't you?

I must come for a Gloucester visit. Ice cream not withstanding. I'd even come in a Nor'Easter, I love that area that much.

What the heck is wrong with the cute sweater she already has on that she's shopping for clothes?


The local hydrangeas, including my own, have been VERY blue, sometimes purple this year. And early. I did not even think about entering the Tour since I had so much going on this July. Then, again, I think I only watched three stages....yawn! Talk about "epic fail".....Lance now gives credence to those who say he has always doped. They all do. Will check that link!

Caroline M

You achieved more than you would have done had you not joined the TdF so it's a win surely?


Your yarn looks so beautiful. Are you thinking shawl for the dark horse?
That version of shopping appeals to me - I hate shopping...
The last time I was in Gloucester was 40 years ago. I expect it's changed a bit.


You had a really productive TdF, I like your shiny coppery one. But what I want is to be sitting at one of those little tables at Amy's eating a coffee ice cream cone.

Wouldn't it be great to shop like that? Now if they can figure out how to make shoes always fit....

Mary Lou

Le sigh. No hydrangeas here in my yard. And so far away from the sea, the blue is bleh. Those are dreamy.


Wow Laurie...you did good!! Lane's Cove in Gloucester is a place VERY dear to my heart.

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