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Ha! Caught in the act. Love your list. No A/C, really? I love it!


I love summer but I love my AC, too. Especially in the midst of a heat wave like right now. Our hummers are very active but we have mostly females and a juvenile. I know there's got to be a male around here somewhere but damn, he's elusive.


Our summers, while in different locals, are very similar. We pride ourselves on doing without a/c and feeling the 'real air' on our bodies. Other than the daylilies (I have none to watch), and the ice cream, our days could be parallel.


When it comes to searing heat and accompanying humidity the A/C goes on. No debate. No sense in sitting in a pool of sweat at this time of my life. Though I do use my trusty Vornado fan until I can't stand it and then the A/C takes over. Quite the rascal you have there. He doesn't mind the tacks?? No hummers here even with all of the bee balm blooming. My daylilies have just started. Always a different number of blooms each day- keeps it interesting.


I'm with you on pretty much every point. Including the AC and the white wine, but like Margene, i have no daylilies. I don't think anything will survive our current lack of rain this year. :(

Caroline M

Mains a/c would be alternating current, we have that. The other sort exists in shops and offices, not in homes. Luckily it doesn't get that hot that often but it does sometimes get too hot to spin (that's even hotter than too hot to knit)


That's not a baby coon, that's a good-sized one. At least a teenager.

Summer: I love it. Hummingbirds, dragonflies, ice cream, standing in cool rivers with cardinal flower blooming - it's all good.


I'm a Yankee, too, but I must be one of the woosie ones....give me my A/C! We put in central air several years ago and love it. Love the photo....we don't seem to have any 'coons around here any more for some odd reason, although we have more than our share of woodchucks!


I don't know how you do it without AC. I'd melt without mine. On the other hand, my 11 year old wore wool socks to softball camp today - when we're expecting 100+ degree weather! I tried to convince her that it was a bad idea but they're socks that I made and she insisted. I guess she was feeling the love through the soles of her feet... as they sweated. Ew!


It is so hot that I have made sun hats for various greens in my garden. ie lawn chairs over the swiss chard.


We are SO on the same page about #1, 2, and 8. Except that if Thom had shared that factoid, I might not have been as gracious as you. (Please refer to: heat index of 101 degrees.)


I am a wimp where heat is concerned. You'd better believe our air conditioning is ON!


Four pounds down is great!

We run the AC lots and lots.


No A/C so far this summer - but it's been nice.

My daylilies are always a delight. Glad you are enjoying yours.


Every day that I flip on our a/c I am forever grateful that we have this technology. The humidity bothers me more than almost anything, so I am thankful for the relief.....and white wine ;)


I love the summer and the freedom to be outdoors without adding layers of clothing. But... this stretch we are experiencing is when I appreciate the A/C and our pool. Last evening it was a joy to cool down in the pool and then give the flowers a drink.


We don't even have AC - no sense spending that kind of money on something that would only be used 3 days a year...

Raccoons give me the shudders since we lost those chicks this spring.


#3 is always wonderful and your #4 made me realize that I don't have enough daylilies in my garden. And white wine is definitely called for with the longer days of summer.


Dislike the summer sun. Become nocturnal. Plus DD goes away to summer school for the summer and I miss her. I run the A/C when the family is around, but not just for me. It's too much like having a dragon in the house. Rigged a scrub jay and towhee feeder and am enjoying their antics. No raccoons allowed!


once a new englander, always one... yup.. me too.. and A/C ? who has that?? 98 yesterday. ugh.
Three words: Dreyer Juice Bars (only 80 calories) they are my friend.

and am always here if you need to chat.

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