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Pretty lace and zinnias. That's the Manos Wildflowers colorway I believe. Saw it at your LYS last week before my cut and spackle though put it down. That wine sounds awesome! Got to get some.


Gawd. I am wishful the heat will quit by tomorrow. It is brutal here.

I'm just so tickled at all your gorgeous lace projects. I'm betting tho, you aren't mixing the KSH and the wine at any one sitting, eh?

Cheryl S.

Looks like you've got some great projects on the needles. Thanks for the tip on the wine, too. Don't know if we can get it here, but I'll have a look.


Gorgeous lace!

The heat had better quit by then. I am planning on wearing sweaters to Rhinebeck, darn it!


Oh no! More patterns for shawls that are just gorgeous!
Thank you for pointing out Grace Anna Farrow's patterns. They are fascinating as well as beautiful.

Where did you get the kit for the shawl, if I may ask?


Oh I do love Zinnias and forgot to plant them this year. I bought Grace Anna Farrow's book about 6 months ago but have done nothing with it. Yarnery will soon have the Isager yarn, so I'm glad I waited.


I have yet to cope with the prov cast-on for Dusk. I'm still Tour de Fleece-ing and knitting on Shale when I'm sick of spinning. Maybe next week....


am looking forward to being back east in a bit of that heat - we go to upstate NY in August. It's been the summer of brrrrr here. most nights down to 50, and days average 70. (like what you all had last year!)
Feather Duster is in my queue - maybe someday when my addled brain is back on line. Yours is looking lovely!


Feather Duster is around my neck now. It's one of my most oft worn shawls because it slips weightlessly into my bag and is at the ready. You'll love it.
The wine sounds divine for summer sipping.

Caroline M

I can laugh at the heat because the a/c in the car works now after two summers of baking alive. The novelty will last about a week and then I'll have forgotten how hot it used to be and be dwelling on how hot it is.

I'm still having a lace block in that I can't decide what to knit.


I'm having a lacy summer too. They're the best. :)


Lovely lovely lace!
My Featherduster is quietly waiting its turn, while I slave away at Maplewing.
Interesting shawls, those Grace Anna Farrow's.


yum, yum, and yum again. Lovely lace.


I LOVE that Feather Duster!


Feather Duster is wonderful isn't it? I can't wait for the weather to stop being so darn hot and humid.

Yours is lovely!!


That wine sounds utterly delicious. Trust me, I could use a glass right about now.


Oh dear. Did you have to include a link to Volt? That is stunning. I want to know where you got the kit, too.

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