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One must knit deliberately with stainless and merino, but the effect is fabulous. I like your variation on a theme.


Wonderful! I'd love to see how many different ways your MIL wears it.


It's gorgeous. My Habu stainless cone is staring at me right now -- it wants to be knit -- I'm ignoring it.

Caroline M

The Habu doesn't call to me, I can see the appeal but I don't want to knit with it. Isn't it lovely when a gift is so appreciated?


That's fantastic and she clearly love it, which is the best part of all.


You're a better man than I am, Gunga Din! Never in a million years would I try to knit with that stuff with my arthritis! Gorgeous, though, and I see why you are so fond of your MIL!


Wow. Gorgeous. Your MIL rocks, BTW.


What a deceptively simple yet elegant gift. And I agree, your MIL rocks. That's a thank you to remember.


Very pretty!


Verrrrry interestink. I have two cones of silk-wrapped stainless steel in a discontinued rusty black shade to be combined with a skein of laceweight bamboo. I was thinking lace, something along the lines of the YO end of Hanami. Is it sad that in my brain my fingers made that a Ravelry link?


I remember a lot of fuss about the stainless steel yarn, and many blog references to working with it, but I think yours is the first FO I've seen using it.
It looks stunning - but what on earth does it *feel* like? (My brain insists on imagining steel wool scrubbies, and I'm sure that's not right...)

Melissa G

Kudos--you have yet another happy and appreciative recipient! (Diane said it best.)


I have obviously not been paying attention, because I never heard of such a thing. It is marvelous! Knitting steel? Could I? And if I could, would I?


I'm kind of ambivalent about Habu but that might change if I really checked it out closely. But all that aside the scarf looks great and the recipient seems very happ y with it so it's a rousing success.


Magnificent! (You, the scarf, and your MIL)


I have some Habu paper yarn that I purchased when I was a new knitter and under the influence of 'zomg must have'. It's in a drawer around here somewhere...

Love the scarf, and your MIL is awesome!

It was wonderful to see you at MA S&W! btw, R thought you were a computer geek until I explained why you are Etherknitter. :o) He now thinks you're awesome. xo

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