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Melissa G

I always look forward to seeing your peonies and that's a really neat spindle. Been thinking of trying a turkish.


Oh, my God, I love peonies. Thank you for the peek. Such loveliness.


Steady as she goes - I'm glad you were able to start something new, although I would have to be on massive doses of psychotropic drugs to tackle another KSH project anytime soon.

Oooo! Pretty peonies!


I think we need a garden nursery crawl. Perhaps interspersed with yarn and tea shops.


Mohair is humbling to any knitter as one should check each stitch to make sure it's securely on the needles. The time spent is worth it. FD is one of my favorite shawls and I plan another.
Your garden must be an amazing place to play.


My peonies have not bloomed yet. Any day. Worth the wait. You are definitely on a Susan roll! I have Feather Duster queued -- maybe after Fog Lifter is done!


I like Lynn's idea, and also your post, because I am a sensualist at heart. I remain convinced that all knitters are.


Such gorgeous photos today! I knit my Featherduster with KSH but I didn't any trouble with it. I hope you have smooth sailing from this point forward.


My Feather Duster bit the dust long go, was yanked off the needles and sits still unfrogged. Thanks for the push. I'll be doing that and hopefully restarting it too. Oooh you got a lark! Nice! And very pretty tree peony blooms! The petals look like silk fabric.

Cheryl S.

Ah, the peonies are gorgeous. Never had any luck with them myself. I guess I'll have to stick to Featherduster instead.


Like much of the rest of my yard, the neighbors' trees are suddenly providing much too much shade for the peonies so I'm not hopeful for a big display this year. I hate the thoughts of moving them, though! (Taking down the neighbors' trees is discouraged, unfortunately, even for peonies.) Enjoyed seeing yours!


I'm looking forward to making a Feather duster too...yours is going to be beautiful....as are your poppies! I love that little hidden bee. :)


That spindle is so beautiful! As are your peonies. (I planted a peony 7-8 years ago. Haven't had a bloom yet. I'm starting to get discouraged.)
I bought the Feather Duster pattern at NH S&W. (I'll be using my handspun merino/tencel, which I hope will be easier to rip out than your mohair...) What a beautiful shawl it is - can't wait to see yours!


peonies? tulips? whatever they are, I am gobsmacked with their beauty..
and oh my : "disarray only making her more beautiful." you were on a literary roll today with that wonderful turn of a phrase ;-) Love it!

I have been taken with feather duster ever since Margene and Carole made it, but I too have great trepidation regarding the unforgiving fingers of fickle fate that are called 'mohair'....
be brave, oh great Etherknitter.. tally ho!


Very prety flowers. I was just looking at the feather duster again but my queue is already way too long. I'll just watch yours take shape instead.


Gorgeousity (is too a word) all over your blog today. I'm hoping the rains don't make my peonies a complete washout this year. They are bigger and have more blooms than ever, but it.won't.stop.raining.

Good luck with the mohair. I still twitch when KSH is mentioned and it's been two years.


What a beautiful and beautifully written blog post!
When I make Feather Duster it won't be in mohair...you are a brave knitter!


Beautiful colors here today.

Ann Flower

I just recently discovered your blog and am so glad I did. What a sweet post!

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