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I am SO proud of you! That's fantastic and the color is beautiful. But blue? I thought you didn't like blue. (ducks and runs)


Don't you just love it? You nailed crochet on the first try!? Good one. The shawl is beautiful. Your description of Kim's yarn as crunchy and soft is right on. You can do anything and your trepidation for being a test knitter, and tackling something new, was unfounded.
The FL Susan knit for me has been a constant companion. I'd like to knit the smaller version.


I fell hard for this when I saw Kim's post this week. A kit with the red colorway is on its way. I had been doing so well with the yarn diet.


Oh, demure!!


Beautiful, of course!


It's more stunning in person! I have to knit one now. :-)

You're answering comments on the blog! Woo Hoo!


Well, that is just wonderful and you are SO not the SKP! I am. However, I do admit to being able to crochet, so there.


Yay...you did an awesome job on it!!

Cheryl S.

It looks fabulous! Great job mastering the crochet.


SKP?? I think not....1 month start to finish is very fast! With monogamy, you are the FKP!
I feel so lucky to have seen/touched it in real life - GORGEOUS shawl Laurie!


Seriously beautiful. Kim's colors are always gorgeous, but that one is absolutely stellar! FANTASTIC (and an FO to boot). :)


Gorgeous! I love the crochet cast off!


I LOVE it, Laurie. So beautiful. I may need one for me too. ;-)


Beautiful shawl! I just ordered the pattern because I've seen it on several blogs and it keeps calling to me. Your shawl pushed me over the edge!


You made it for me, right? I mean, it IS my color. (Let's not acknowledge the fact that MY colors are also YOUR colors.)

Melissa G

The sun came out and the color seems like the perfect faded denim, even the texture sounds like the best kind of denim. Hooray for Foglifter!


It's beautiful! I will have to add this one to my list.


I love the color and the long tails sure look like they help the shawl stay put.


Your foglifter is lovely! I shall have to fave this as a denizen of the very foggy San Francisco :)


oh my gosh - its gorgeous!!


I was sooo hoping to avoid another WIP. Alas, your rendition of this has pushed me (and my little Visa card) over the edge to get one of these heading my way. (sigh) Nice job, and you have encouraged another non-crochet person.


I'm sooo not a fan of triangular shawls (my gi-normous butt needs no further highlight) but darned if this one isn't calling to me. Great job!


That's altogether lovely, and I truly admire anyone who has the stick-to-it-ness to knit a shawl.

I don't.

I made one shawl in large yarn, and even that speed-knitting project turned me into a whiny bitch (am I done yet? Can I stop now?) with the ever-lengthening rows, and I knew I'd never do that again. Give me a sweater, give me socks, give me a skirt, even give me a swing coat and I'm a happy camper, but a shawl (or worse yet, a scarf)? No freakin' ways.

So - brava!

And because it's That Time: will you be at SOAR this year?

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