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Cheryl S.

You look ferocious. ;-)


That hat band thing looks good to me. Love that photo - it's so YOU!


The headband looks fab from here, nice FO :)


He likes it - that's all that matters!


Hey, I know that bear! They are expecting another 30" between now and Thursday, by the way.

Cindy D

I hear ya on the startitis! I've been spending time finishing up UFO's. If I can only get back to my Fair Isle sweater,I'll be thrilled. Especially since I finished my Swan Lake aka Mystery Shawl 3 a week ago.

Those Sox better turn around this first game with the NYY.


I was doing so well with finishing stuff up and then spring arrived and suddenly all I'm doing is gardening. I'll get back to knitting when the 100 degree heat descends on us this summer.


I'm still chugging along with WIPs and not starting anything new. But the spinning is starting to call with a louder voice. I've found that once I succumb to the lure of the wheel, the knitting gets dropped like a rock. I must stuff my ears with wool in order to resist the siren call...


It hasn't stopped snowing since you left. It's cold and crazy. I don't remember the bear in PC. You so great impersonation. Are your fingers itching to get out and work in the garden? Is it too early to do more than pickup debris? I'm trying to plant pansy pots, but it keeps snowing on my parade.


Mr. E looks very dapper in his red headband! Good job. I want to see your impersonations in person. Have you collected many??


Sometimes form is more important than elegant design. Warm ears are a good thing. :)


I agree with Lisa....he likes it :-).

You are too cute in that picture...LOL!

Lee Ann

Walk this way... :-)


fabulous head band!! truly!

and I just love that photo of you and the bear.. You are a hoot.


Bear impression....funny.


Nice headband! Nice bear imitation!


You make one scary looking bear. The headband looks good and he seems happy with it so all's well.


The headband is lovely. From my considerable experience in these matters I would guess that you increased/decreased not enough, but, as Mr. E so cogently points out, it does the job.

I am going to add dyssymmetry to my vocabulary. It's not in the dictionary -- the canonical word is asymmetry -- but as a symmetry geek myself I well know how painful lack of symmetry can be.

Melissa G

Spring conditions prevail. My sister is visiting this weekend and I convinced her to be ready to ski--we'll take her, the kids, and the ski buddies will rent tele gear for entertainment. The second to last weekend should be pretty mellow.


i think it's a bad year for forsythias all around. most of them here have had the wimpiest set of blooms. i'm sad.

the redbuds are doing well, though.

i'm waiting for my tulips to bloom. they've put up a ton of leaves, though.

i love spring

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