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Fiber wasn't the last thing received in the mail? I'm a little shocked. However, with fiber season coming I can see restraint is good.


You know, I didn't realize until I read your answer to #3 that I had a similar end to my previous relationship! Went to wedding of dear friend with then-fiance. Saw TMC in church with another girl and was jealous. Spent entire reception worrying about whether TMC's meal was getting cold while former fiance was sitting next to me. He broke it off a few weeks later (by suggesting I "take off the ring" and go to a few parties which loosely translated to "there's a girl at work I want to take out". Later that summer, mother of the aforementioned bride fixed me up with TMC and we were engaged a month later, married two after that. Of course, Mr. Former is now Sr VP of a big NYC bank, but that's okay. His mother would have driven me crazier than T's did!


Sorry....NUMBER ONE!


I love seeing these memes pop up everywhere. Loved all your answers, too, Laurie!

Melissa G

Congrats on skiing breakthroughs! I've had one this season as well: after many years of people telling me to get my arms forward I'm finally doing so (with a calming breath as I lean DOWN the mountain) and life is happier with my balance in a better place.


Love your answer to #6. My thoughts exactly. It's awful that people would steal coats. Great answers.


It's my firm opinion that people will steal anything. Some people just need to "get away" with something, whether is your coat, my lunch or company toilet paper.


Darn, now you've given me pause to discarding my own ratty Lands End Squall jacket.


As I've read this meme on various blogs, I've noticed that knitters don't seem to shave or go to the beach. And none of them eat jello...


ha ha ha.. oh thank you for posting this meme... I SO enjoyed your responses.,..
and it makes me feels ever so much more comfortable... especially the "shaved.. where??" ha hah ah
You are the best.
Deprivation by popcorn, not a chance... but deny our girl a fabulous wine, and there would most likely be some "whining" (and appropriately so!
(hugs)) ( You are so brave to post this meme! ha!)


Come to think of it, #1 may have been sort of true for me as well. (Only of course I met Grant, not Mr. E, for any wiseacres reading this.) The other attachment in the picture was so vague that there would have been nothing to announce on Facebook, if FB had existed then, but once Grant and I got together everything else vanished like the proverbial morning mist.

I'm with you on the winter coat too, in a slightly different way. Today I'm wearing my favorite, the green one with the elephants, secure in the knowledge that although I love it, no one else ever would.

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