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Caroline M

Ah, the joys of the button lift. I've never come unhorsed but there's always that fear that you're going to make a public spectacle of yourself.

It looks cold there, far colder than my chilly dog walk tonight (and I thought that was cold)


Is a POMA lift trickier than a T-bar? I am impressed at your photographic hardiness and dedication to your readers -- great socks!


I can't believe you didn't take your boots off. Sheesh.


Snowmass!?! Hope you had a great time. It looks cold. Don't miss that bitter cold one iota! And, I don't blame you for not taking off your boots. You were brave to even take off your gloves to put those on your hands. Or did you do the sensible thing and slip them on over your gloves?


gorgeous pics! and socks, right?


Nice! All of it!


Okay okay Im a knitting slacker.  Better that than a double amputee.  It was COLD.  And windy.



Hahahaha!! I love the pictures of you and the socks!!


Holy crap, what a view!
Perhaps he was thinking "Put the socks away so I can stop taking pictures. It's cold!"


The socks are a pretty color, but they don't compete in anyway to the views. It looks cold and windy. You're a trooper for even skiing in it.


Great photoshoot - I miss the Rocky Mountains!


I haven't ridden a POMA in a million years! I'd kind of like to do it again.


OMG, a poma lift. I remember those from my childhood at Suicide Six (or maybe Mt Tom's) in Vermont. I would hang on for dear life, make it to the top OK and wipe out on the ice at the top after letting go of the button.

The views are spectacular. I rather thought you were signaling aircraft with those pretty socks at that altitude.


I've never yet made it to the top of a POMA lift. I've ridden rope tows, T-bars ok but the POMA has me whupped! So I've never been to the top of Snowmass. Thanks
for the picture. The socks are a pretty color.


I love that you risked humiliation from your fellow skiers just to get pictures of the socks for us. Fantastic view!

Melissa G

Missed you again! It's fun coming down off there. My favorites are Campground and Elk Camp. We were in Steamboat over the weekend (hadn't been there in 13 years). How was the snow?


amazing photos. incredible story of weather and knowledge of cloud cover. I will be sure to take you with me if ever I return to downhill skiing (it's been 26 years, alas)
thank you for the adorable sock photos. you are so very clever!

Lynne S of Oz

I remember riding a POMA. At least when you (I) fall off them, they only snap back into their socket things (my sister's nose was broken when someone got off a t-bar and it sproinged straight into her face).
I also remember seeing views like that last shot, and not being breathless when I did so. Wonderful!


I love that you took sock pictures up there... even if you didn't take your boots off to do it. I suppose I can forgive you for that since you took such great pictures to share. I wanna go skiing too!

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