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Last year was a successful year for knitting from stash. Often I look at a wall of yarn in the LYS and think what I have at home looks much the same. My problem is the unique dyers like Kim, Judy, Spirit Trail and Foxfire...and then there is that Beaverslide. Hopefully this year I'll be as successful (or more so).
You know I love that mountain view, which is almost as beautiful as mine. ;-)


Lemme think, so far this year I've used up...oh, at least 5,000 yards of yarn (well, once I finish the third of three wool throws this week). And I've bought exactly 800 yards of yarn so far. I am SUCH a good girl.

(My secret? Weaving. You know you want to, Laurie!)


Great list. I see many of my favs up there. I second Margene about our unique dyers. How can you say "no" say no to those?


Gorgeous photo! You guys should come up and ski near Blue Lake by Taos. Just sayin...

I am so not going to any of your links. You cannot make me.


Thanks for both! You know that is one of my favorite places.


beautiful picture to end that post, dude.

Cheryl S.

So many wonderful yarns... so little time.


Luckily, this time of year, yarn lust is subverted by seed catalog lust. Must go drool on the tomato pages again...


and hugging you is what I like best! My oh my you and Mr E go to some of the most wonderful places!


Great list and some new yarns for me. I'm knitting a sweater with Beaverslide now and it's wonderful to work with except for all the knots.


Great list! I also love handspun, RYC cashmerino, and most Noro yarns.

Barbara M.

Just knit the IvyVines cowl in Karabella Boise, gorgeous deep red and I love it! I wear it all the time..... what will I do when it actually gets warm?


I hear you on the yarn diet. i'm getting a little twitchy too but a few things have escaped from deep down in the stash do far and I think that's a good thing. I love your list. There are more than a few on there that I'd like to try.


applauding your list!
and yes, I agree, that I had made a similar goal, but mine was about my spinning fiber (to make more of it into yarn)
I kinda fell down and (ahem, cough cough) bought some stuff at Madrona Fiber Arts.


Good to hear that you like the Karabella Boise. Some may have jumped into my bag during a recent trip to School Products. Damn pushy yarn, that Boise.

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