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Food. Wine. I'm with you. Art, in the broadest sense. Sunshine. Cool species.

Anywhere, actually. It's February. It's snowing, again. I'm not going anywhere. Wahhhhh....


12. Nova Scotia! Did you know we have some good wines here too? And might as well throw in 13. PEI (Belfast Mini Mills!) while you are here.


I kept my list local but if I was doing an international one then Istanbul would be at the top of my list, too.


Tuscany.....food, wine, gorgeous scenery, shopping bargains, art in Florence, food, wine. Just don't drive. Ever been to Belgium? That's where the French go for a good meal, just saying.


I've been to Wales and would love to return again someday as it's beauty is outstanding. I think a trip to the British Isles with a side trip to Greece is high on my list of places I hope to visit while I can. :)


So many amazing places on this planet to discover and the foods and drinks of each culture, too. We live on a very interesting earth. And you're coming to PC...seems a let down. lol


The only one on your list that I've done is #7. I'd go back in a heartbeat...


Great list! Many of my intended destinations too. Don't forget for Scotland: SCOTCH. Really good SCOTCH.


I'm in. When do we leave for the world domination tour?


Good thing you included Royal Gorge to work off all that food!
I was just there in January and the trails were fabulous - lots of climbs and long descents.


Yes!!! Food, wine and gorgeous scenery. Great list.


I'll join you in Istanbul or, as I prefer to think of it, Byzantium. We spent an afternoon at Nk'Mip Cellars in Osoyoos (they mentioned the scarcity of US importers); speaking as someone accustomed to Spanish and Portuguese wines, we were impressed. We even brought some home. But they're summer wines, lighter than the reds we're used to. Southern France, yup, that's good. Scotland - we'll meet you at Heathrow, take you to Luton to catch the flight to Inverness and we'll get a rental (our car isn't big enough) to show you the northwest highlands. Not as in-your-face spectacular as the Rockies, but oh, so incredibly beautiful. And full of human history. We will probably be going to the Outer Hebrides this summer.


Nice! And thank you for the wine tip.

Melissa G

#10 = Silverton, CO--haven't been (yet).

I also want to visit the Andes (camelids, wine) and Tierra del Fuego (because). And cross the Atlantic in a sailboat...


Fun list. A lot of the places I want to visit don't exist as I want to see them. Are there time travel packages available?


I will be your guide in Piemonte, Bologna, Roma and Venezuela. Shall we start? ...

Caroline M

Canadian wine was an amazing discovery, at the time when we asked they didn't export it to the UK because it wasn't worth it. Such a shame.

You forgot "midges" in your list for 7, pick your season well to avoid being eaten alive.


Hubby and I visited the Okanogan Valley a couple years ago, and you're right, the wine is amazing. The hills around the vinyards are lovely as well. Take a lot of money, though, cause the good stuff ain't cheap ;)
BTW---if you need to add London to your list, we have a huge house :)


food, wine, scenery and snow.. nice list drivers :-)


Totally southern France. Orange, Carcassonne, Aix-en-Provence. We never actually made it to Aix... maybe someday. (On the way back to Paris, stop in Les-Eyzies-de-Tayac for truffles and cave paintings.)

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