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I like your list! Just used alpaca and have tweed in the wings. Definitely not summer yarns. And the hot beverages - although that tea is much better with a little honey and burbon in it! I find the snow's an excuse to be homey. But in about three weeks, I'll be DONE with it... oh well. I missed it when I lived in CA.


I'm with you on that list. Substitute snow shoe for ski and it could be mine. But then.. I love winter.

Okay, the dogs..did they pull you up coronary hill? lol!


I know you love winter and I love you for it!


Great, practical list! I am particularly fond of #10. Every day above ground is a good day.


I love that you love winter. A kindred spirit. Winter, snow, the stillness that comes with it. I even like digging out of the stuff! And, if you have Wegeman's where you are, go in and grab a bit of their Snow Day tea! It is so perfect for a cold winter's day. If you don't, email me and I will make sure you get a bit.

Caroline M

I agree with #10. My BIL died just after his 40th birthday and I said then that I would never complain about the weather again. Even if it is too hot/cold/wet/windy it is still a day that he didn't get to see.

I appreciate rainy days more at the moment because I'm grateful that it isn't snow.


I eagerly await your "Get thru Summer" post. Because, except for being able to ride more, I hate the summer. I hate heat and I don't even HAVE humidity here.

I love a good cuppa tea, some warm snuggly sweater to wear, the fire and some nesting time. I'll vote for winter with you.


Best part of winter...NO Bugs...whoo hoo!
It was GREAT to see you!!

Melissa G

The only thing that could help me get through this winter better is more snow. In ski conditioning class today we hopscotched, squat jumped, grapevined, etc. through the ladder--talk about new neural connections! The lunges with handweights were also a balance challenge. Speaking of neural connections the Wii Fit Plus has added some mental challenges as well as new physical ones. Cheers!


Love your top ten! I so miss cross country skiing! When I was teaching, it was so hard to carve out a day to jump in the car and go. Plus, my husband was busy reffing basketball and my dear friends aliments were limiting their ski time. My goal is to get back to it now that I'm retired!


I too love winter and various winter sports. You're right! This is the time to enjoy all those woolly knits. They don't work in our muggy summer weather.

Your #7 is a good idea, I'll have to put in practice.


Ha. We had an abbreviated version of #10 this morning. DH was complaining, again, about the cold and gray day. I said something about attitude making a difference and apparently that was the wrong thing to say at that particular moment.

Sigh. I think I'll ship him to his daughter in Texas for a few days.


I remember winter light in snow country. Love it. Miss it. Winter is good. Number Ten is good. I'd add an eleventh to your list... pausing occasionally to stand in the snow and listen to the sound of everything waiting for spring.

As spring is coming, summer and walking isn't far away. Exercise: I am now officially on my bike for 45 minutes on non-gym days. Why does 2 hours in the gym leave me tired but envigorated, whereas 45 minutes cycling in the fresh air (curse you, headwind) leaves me absolutely shattered for the rest of the day?


Great list! Cool photos.


A sincere thank you for this post. I've whined & complained far too much today, and sadly, felt that I was entitled to do so given some less than ideal circumstances. #10 helped me see the error of my ways, and I am very grateful.


Excellent post. Thank you for the reminder and the jabs. I needed that. :D


Great post - I'm another winter lover. Ski conditions have been crap, I should consider snowshoes. But I love to ride my horse in the winter and she has snowshoes, so that works out!

Peg in Kensington, California

Yes to number 10. In a much lesser way, it applies to my bus commuting. ACTransit has a variety of coaches - from tinny to sort of luxurious with WIFI. I am always happy when the bus comes; it is close to being on time; and I don't have to think about driving, the road, other drivers. I don't particularly like the fancy buses, as they are not "community creating." Everyone in his/her own world.


Ever downhill skiied at Bretton Woods? We are considering this in addition to XC.


You know my feelings about winter - I'm a small winter warrior doing battle with the enemy snow...
But at least the days are getting longer. And I'm alive to see that. (Thank you for #10.)


I guess I prefer winter because of the wool and heavy-cozy clothing and hot beverages...and there is something about the light. I liked it better, though, when the bones were strong enough to take me skiing (not enough snow this year for 'shoeing) and only wish it weren't so dang cold. But, it is better than heat and humidity! I definitely like my winter hair better!


Add snowshoes to numbers 1 and 2. Mine live in my car, and a couple of weeks ago I thought they might be my transportation home from work. Here in the high desert we don't get a shortage of sunlight, and have the indulgence of playing in the snow under sunny skies.

Add soup to the list. Paired with a good crusty bread, there's nothing I like better to eat to warm up after getting chilled outside.

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