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Those all seem like great goals - realistic, yet with a lot of sense of accomplishment. I'm behind you 100%.

BTW, for what it's worth, A. Starmore has gotten rights back to Aran Knitting, I believe it is, so she is republishing that AND will be carrying a limited color range of her 3-plys after the summer (sometime in the summer). Just in case you need to add to the yarn-in column.


I love love love these reminders. Such a positive and realistic look on life. Here's to a great 2010.


It sounds like a great list, Laurie! Good luck with all of it!

Cheryl S.

Happy blogiversary! I like your idea of 'reminders'.


Good goals! Sound very doable. And PS, there's a pottery place in Somerville I've heard a few people talking about -- will find out if you want more info.


Knit a damn sweater for me! No more yammering about it. I have to just jump in an do it!


You have given at least as much as you have received. Thank you for blogging!


Great goals. If you want help with #1 just send me all of your sock yarn. Especially the stuff you bought at Loopy Ewe.


Great! How about a sideways scarf for all of those partial skeins. I'll join you in #1. I'm on a yarn fast until SPA.


Oh my goodness...5 years of blogging? How wonderful!(My sixth is coming up-count me stunned).
This year I succeed in your #1 and#2 reminders. However, I didn't know about AS 3 plies, darn!
The one time I like magic loop is when doing color work. You might consider it and see how it works for you. Happy New Year, dear friend. Thank you for your friendship over what must be most of the 5 years you've been here.


Jeez, sometimes I think we're channeling each other's thoughts. I've been planning on doing #1 and I've put a moratorium on buying sock yarn. I spent today organizing the nightmare that's my knitting area and I am bent on taking off more, sadly, than your 8 pounds. I'll pass on the pottery and the origami, but I do want to learn to make baskets.

Congratulations on your blogiversary, thank you for sharing bits of your life with us!


enjoyed reading your list. wishing you success, health and happiness this year!

Laura J

Agree on 'the less yarn than I start with.' Perhaps I should gather all the wool in the house and put it on a truck scale?

Have you tried knitting the mittens with the floats on the _outside_? It helps sometimes.

What do you mean 'finish your life?' (#4)


Happy Blogiversary! FWIW, Ishbel by Ysolda Teague looks great in sock yarn. I gifted my SiL w/ one for Xmas. Doesn't Julia do a great job w/ the Chevron Love? I keep bugging her for a sweater version (solid w/ the chevrons at the yoke.)


Happy bloggiversary! It's such a pleasure to know you. I love your list of reminders.


Happy Blogiversary! My NY reminders are much more vague and unformed than yours!

Mittens on a 9" circular. Ouch. That makes my hands hurt just to think about it. You need some nice dpns.


Happy Blog-o-versary! That's a great list of resolutions; you've inspired me to try something similar.

Caroline M

Five years is a long time - half a decade sounds even longer. I will be joining you with number one. Before Christmas I rounded up all the yarn that wasn't sock or lace yarn and tidied it all into one spot. That was a bad idea as it now shows me how much I have. This year I need to spin less or knit and weave more.


my daughter gave us all hand thrown bowls and a pitcher from her pottery class :-)

happy blogiversary!


Happy Blogiversary. Thanks for entertaining and sharing.


For a place to throw pottery, may I recommend Brookline Adult Ed? I have a fantastic friend who teaches pottery there.

(Courtney, of Folca box fame)


New Year's focus. I love this. Stealing with nary a look back...

Melissa G

Great reminders! I would probably substitute the pottery for eating more fruits and vegetables even though those are different areas. Does skiing count as aerobic? How about a hooded scarf for using up sock yarn--closes the gap at the back of the neck?


Happy anniversary sunshine!

Peg in Kensington, California


How did the Holiday Challenge go? We had three people (that I know of in our group) finish it. I, on the other hand, have an appointment with the orthopedist in two weeks. I like your "reminders." I am so with you about doing something else with the sock yarn. I feel a bit off socks at the moment.


Ha. You gave me the image of you throwing pottery. Against a wall :-) I have actually done that, as my ex-stepfather is a potter and would sometimes terminate rejects with prejudice. And I have an origami book and paper (as well as one on making aerodynamically excellent paper jets). Somewhere. I recommend frogs; they're less classically elegant but there's a childishly-amusing way of making the bodies expand. I think you can use bigger paper to make water bombs, too. SOAR 2010 ;-)


gosh - and we just had two more binary days...
01.10.10 and 01.11.10 pretty amazing.
Happy 5th blogiversary! I think that this Augusr is my 5th year too (but I have to go and look to be certain)
Yup yup - make those cranes. It's good fortune you know.


Happy blogiversary!
Love your reminders. So much better than resolutions. (The last resolution I ever made was to make no more resolutions. Only one I was ever able to keep!)
(And will you shoot me if I tell you that I'm a potter, too? I learned as a teen (my dad built me a kick-wheel), and intermittently have had access to wheels over the years. Owning one again is on my "Someday" list.)

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