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Oh, I envy you the snow. And the junco looks so forlorn! Enjoy your holidays my friend.


Have a wonderful holiday, Laurie!


I love the flow of this post! Mr. E looks so happy "pretending". :-)

Happy Holidays my friend!

Caroline M

Doesn't the yarn untwist itself on the next round of your golden rings? So far I have not fallen in our snow but the dog has been over twice. So much for four paw drive.


We have a reputation in our neighborhood, too, and I'm damn proud of it!


If you run short of snow, I'd happily send you some of mine... (At least our temps are back in the above-zero range. I can bear the snow as long as it's not bitterly cold.)
Happy Crimbo, Merry Holidays!


That drink sounds awfully good. Leave it to the orthopods to have something swank like that. :)

You know if you cram a couple of dpns into the yarn skeins to hold the working yarn in the center, you can just let them dangle and untangle?


Must make a poinsettia to celebrate.
Latvian braid is one of the techniques that takes some practice, but in the end it's worth learning.
We should be skiing around our condo circle. Not sure we'd see many people who would wave, however. Happiest of Holidays to you and Mr. E!!


The drink sounds great. Yum! I love how you composed this post. Inspired.


Are you those crazy people who ski down the street when all sensible people are home in front of the fire? We do that too! It's such fun!

A Merry Christmas to you and yours.


Charming! We used to ski in the alley behind our flat in Chicago, DD on her miniature pink plastic skis.


According to #1 son, all specialists parade around and consider themselves to be the universe's gift to humankind. Not that he is cynical or anything.

Enjoy your snow!


Oh, how fun! You suburban outlaws!!!


Mmmmm, that poinsettia drink sounds marvy! Yes, you rebels, you. Everyone is muttering, "Oh, good gawwwwwd, there go the anesthesiologists on their SKIS again!"


I'm sure you do have a Reputation, but I lay odds it's a good one - or at least I'd regard it as desirable.

I wish you a lovely holiday and a New Year full of joyous seconds.


Yep, I can see the folks in your neighborhood all putting it in writing: Any anesthesiologist but those!

Enjoy your Reputation - those without are jealous.

I think perhaps tomorrow I will be buying some champagne. That poinsettia sounds good.


I, too, am totally jealous of your snow. We have the cold (21 degrees) with clear skies and bare roads, and a bite in the air that demands one wrap up in a scarf.

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