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It's too early in the morning to come up with the row-row-row-your-boat/dashing-through-the-snow mash-up that's trying to form in my head...
Those mitts look cozy indeed!
Happy swatching!


I just finished another red scarf in Ultra Alpaca. It's my first time working with it and I enjoyed it a lot. I like Bazic Wool, too. Nice and sproingy, that one.


Yay on the rowing front.....I'm so proud of you for sticking with it....now if I could only find soething that I would stick with...


You lucky! You got snow. We still don't have any. And, Wyoming has a ton!
Don't you just love the way light and snow play together. I love to watch the interaction. And the way the sky glows as a result. It is a happy combination.
And, thanks for the link. Put the mitts in my queue and didn't even have to go searching to do it! Love them. Really cute.


I'm so very proud of you with the rowing challenge. That's really fantastic! (And really.. ONLY 10 days to see some results? You must be rowing like a fiend.)

Snow forecast here for today, with 30-35 mph sustained winds. Um. Not ready.


I wish you were closer; I need an exercise buddy.

And I believe the Bed and Breakfast Pullover is a sweater - I'm so proud of you.

Caroline M

This weekend I saw people walking around in sandals and T shirts. I had a jumper and a hat but it wasn't coat-cold. Our snow was foam from a snow machine but it still made the little children squeal with excitement.


Good for you! All KINDS of new interests and hobbies.....


Body changes seem come gradually, but once they start you'll noticed marked difference over a short period of time.
The mitt pattern has been on my list for so long and alpaca is the perfect yarn!


DH bought an evil Tanita scale that calculates fat and hydration %'s. Highly recommended.

Envy you the snow... The Bradford pears are dropping their beautiful leaves, the citrus are ripening, and the first of the flowering cherries are covered in blossoms. No winter, just some rain (and rainbows).

Cheryl S.

Congrats on finally seeing the results of your hard work!

Peg in Kensington, California

Good luck on your Holiday Challenge. I finally decided to sign up and so am a week behind. Working out to the glow of the monitor. So romantic! not! But rowing and erging will definitely reshape your body.


I'm working on a ton of fingerless gloves right now too. My girls love 'em and require new ones each year. Thank goodness they are, as you said, the potato chips of knitting.


love the mitts
AND, what a great idea to be inside watching the flurries while you row ;-) I could sit and watch snow fall for hours.
glad you are seeing some benefit to your exercise!!


10 days to see results - you are working your butt off! Good for you. Love the mitts - promptly saved the pattern. I just might have some fuzzy yarns that will work with it. ;)


Beautiful Alpaca mitt! - Kate wore them to work yesterday and her 2 best friends asked if I'd make some for them - I said "No, but I'll teach them how to knit their own!"
You go girl...Can't wait to see those guns!


Oh, I love the B&B pullover! Can't wait to see what yarn you choose (CASHSOFT!!!)

I only got to the gym once last week, but hooped while batches of xmas cookies were baking last night...


Nice work. I love to hear that. Keep spreading the word!

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