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I can relate to the tension of finishing versus starting -- I have WIPs that are very old -- must decide to frog or finish in 2010. Not actually finish but *decide* to finish :-). Love the mitts and I'll thumb wrestle Mr. E for the hat!

Caroline M

You know me - I'm a ripper. Knit or knit not, there are no old wips. If I have massive startitis (as sometimes happens) I finish two before allowing myself to start one. Ripping is included as a finish.


I'm a product knitter so I don't have any UFOs hanging around. It's just a thing with me. I do like to start something new on January 1, though. Not sure yet what it will be this year.


I only have a few UFO's but I will get them finished after the holidays.

LOVE your reading mitts!


WIPs weight one down and keep one from forward progress. They are baggage, unless you know you'll finish it SOON. I too go to bed with sweaters and shawls dancing in my head. Knitting and spinning "are such stuff as dreams are made on."


I think of my WIPs as my companions in life's journey. Some of them keep me company every day, some visit weekly or monthly. And some move to Wyoming and are never heard from again...


On the other hand...Without trying, there is no creativity.


Lately, as in the past year or so, I have been obsessed with finishing one project and having no other WIP's. Not sure if that's a blessing or a curse. At least I have one family bunch that is no longer on my Knit For list: I was told in no uncertain terms that they don't like my stinkin' hats/mittens/sweaters/scarves and that I should waste no more time knitting them as they WON'T be worn. Guess who? She also asked for new gutters and heat tape for the whole house.

Loved the YouTube clip....that should be my new motto.


On the one hand, UFO's do tend to weigh me down a bit but...most of them were well-considered and much wanted projects when I cast on or they wouldn't still be on the needles. I find that sometimes it just isn't the right time for a project for me but what feels like a slog at one time, is a breeze at another. Maybe it's like a jar that you've been trying to get the lid off of for 10 minutes, you put it down and try it again just one more time and the lid pops off. Whatever it is, finishing a lingerer is so satifying.

The bottom line is that I won't worry about UFO's at all when I cast on something new 1/1/10.


The stash calling to be knit is something that I am sure we with stashes are all so familiar with. I have been searching for patterns that call for yarn I already have. Love the reading mitts. Really love them - but the yarn in my stash says no! Need fingering weight projects. As far as UFOs, my method is one new, one UF, that way I can always say I am working on it!


Ahhh, my favorite Yoda quote.


I also fall asleep with spinning/knitting plans on my mind - WAY better than life worries!!
He wouldn't be as jealous if it was not another MAN! You knitting floozy!


Ya know, I was perfectly happy not thinking about my UFOs. Fortunately, I am ADD so I will quickly return to that happy state. :) Love your Reading Mitts!


Funny, I was thinking the same thing this morning before I read your post. That January should see me finish up most of my UFOs, but what a boring way to start the year. So I think I'll do a little of both: swatching for something new, but not casting on until one or two big projects are cast off.

Lovely mitts, the color is so clear and bright.


Nice mitts! I have a special corner of the knitting room just for UFO's. I'm pretty able to just ignore them until it's their turn to come out again.


I also am looking for something enticing to begin on 1/1 - have not found the perfect thing yet. So many little projects call my name right now.
love the eyeball searing red. yummmmm

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