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I know that feeling well. And feel much the same after a night of interrupted sleep, an early flight, lots of driving, a long customer meeting, and a late blog post.


I hear you as I yawn madly at my computer screen. :-)

Your socks are lovely and they photographed true to color too.


They are beautiful. I get that tired feeling. November is a difficult adjustment.


Yeah, but prettier than scrambled and deflated would lead one to believe you might look.


I can post while working, that's the only way it happens and my job isn't as taxing as yours. The socks are Laurie blue.


Right there with you. My weekends away helped, but was thrown right back into the thick of things on my return; that plus the time change is kicking my tail.


If I could only pay attention to the light and not the clock, it might be easier.

The socks should brighten you up a bit. Lovely color.


I'm thinking that doing NaBloPoMo will help make November a little less dreary. Love the socks -- they look comfy.


I look at these socks and I see: warm, cozy, handknit, colorful, unique.


I went to bed last night at about 6 and slept until 8 this morning. (Sorry! Was it cruel to tell you that?) So I feel great today instead of groggy like yesterday.


The colors in those socks are lovely. I know just how you feel. When I get home all I want to do is collapse and it's only harder in the winter when it's dark long before I reach home.


These are totally my colors. Did you make them for me? You must have. I'll check my mailbox when I get home :)

Wait ... no? They're not for me? What kind of friend are you?

(Related: please excuse my silly mood today.)


Yup. I know the feeling. I just didn't know that there were socks that went with it. ;-)


smooshy color...
love that name.
may we all be smooshy soft colors this November ;-)
pretty socks.


Lovely :o)

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