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Caroline M

Aha, I was singing when I read the title on Google. Was this not part of your youth then? I was a student in the eighties and the music takes me right back there. I always liked the bit at the end where she rescues the comic from the bin and smooths it out.


I just loved that song back in the day....sigh.

Good for you....I will be cheering you on!

Barbara from Nova Scotia

I loved the 80s! Those were the good ol' days! I had posters of A-Ha plastered all over my walls...sigh...


Sometimes I wonder what life would be like if we didn't choose to try to attain these goals.


Thanks. That was great. Never saw the video before. Good luck with your challenge. I have great faith in you.


Kim took the words right out of my mouth! Love the video.


Some of the music of the 80s really sucked. Okay, a lot of it really sucked. Not this, though. Good luck with that rowing thing.


Good luck with the challenge?
Would it help to visualize the distance on a map? ("There! I made it to the corner of Main St and Elm today!" Or maybe, "I'm in the JiffyMart parking lot! Hurray!")


Go grrl!! Rowing is a great way to go. I'm gearing up to do some home exercise to strengthen and build muscle mass. My first goal is to do something everyday until December 1st. Then I'll do more.


A Ha! So funny, I love that lyric change. You find great videos.


I love that video. Epecially the end where he appears on her kitchen floor. It's a metaphor for meeting someone on the Internet, I always thought.


Rootin' for ya with that challenge! Stole the video for Facebook. Thanks!


Do you have a rower at home? I actually really like the Concept2. Great exercise. Keep on it!


This is the best video ever made with a song. I could not get enough of it in the 80s and still like it today.

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