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Caroline M

What, no Ebay or Etsy?


Thanks! I've never heard of Patternfish.


I've never heard of Patternfish, either. Here's a hint for pictures, though, not that I'm anything like organized with the iPhoto stuff. But, for the iPod touch and iPhone, I created a separate folder and drag certain photos into it. When I sync either one, I just transfer the pics in that folder. Works for me. Going to lose a bit of time on Patternfish.....


Best not to know how many pictures I have. I always say I'm going to go back in and delete the junk and I never actually do it.


The list of time-suckers on the internet is loooonngg. Ravelry is the absolute worst/best. I can get sucked in there for hours. Sometimes I'm even late for cocktail hour. The horror!


I totally agree with you on #7. How the hell did we survive without being able to look up the answers to questions without going to the library or picking up the phone. It was the dark ages I tell ya.


You've nailed down most of my time-sucks as well. Though, I don't have an Iphone, so I'll skip #5. (All I want from my phone is for it to be a phone. I've never even used the camera on it. My camera is a camera...) But, I spend way too much time on Icanhascheezburger.com, xkcd.com, and Engrish.com, so I guess that more than makes up for it...


applause applause for the iphone. indeed another time-suck, yet not all at once.
shazam = love it. iphone camera zoom = love it...iphone games = veryfun..(let me know if you need a couple of fun time wasters for when you are waiting in line somewhere..)



I have shazam! I will no longer wonder what neat song is playing in the background of commercials! It's also helped settle a couple debates. I love it!


Be careful. My husband says there are not only sites that make time disappear, but sites that will reach into your wallet and make money disappear.


Gorgeous maple photo, that.

(I keep up with a couple of groups on Rav, plus Twitter. Facebook is for Scrabble, and Flickr is for photo storage for blogging and Ravelry.)


Oh, Shazam is the best. I don't have an iPhone, but when Pete is around....


Beautiful picture. I keep downloading the pictures from my camera into my computer to deal with later but, oddly, latter hasn't come yet. Not sure it ever will either.

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