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You have a heck of a lot of knitting ahead of you. Your enchantment with iPhone games will wear off shortly.


Ten things. Only ten things (plus a few). Sure. Just 10 and then you're done. Right. And what will it be next week?


You are an EVIL woman! I am now stacking sheep when I should be doing a bazillion other things.


Looks like you have next year's knitting all planned out. As soon as you get those sheep all stacked that is.


Great list!


So many GORGEOUS things to choose from!


Dammit. My queue was already overloaded...
I'm not even going to try the sheep when I need to be getting ready for work. I know myself too well. Tonight is time enough for sheep stacking.


That's quite an impressive list. And why wouldn't you love the colors?


That may at least temporarily supercede Feegle Freefall... (Which also has good sheep noises.) http://www.terrypratchettbooks.com/discworld/freefall.html

Melissa G

All of a sudden I have similar issues (without the sheep--Mahjong instead) so I won't tell you which cardigan I'm itching to knit. I'm trying to manage by using the "finish two, start one" rule. That way I can mix new and old WIPs. (We won't talk about the dishcloth that snuck in there, and planning isn't knitting, right?)

Caroline M

Cast them all on and let the process of natural selection begin.


I will not play sheep stacker, I will not play sheep stacker.....

must finish knits!


I would rather have the sweater with Deanna *in* it. She is such good company.


Yeah - let's not even get started with the "Must knit!" list over here at my end. Any (all?) of your selections would be fantastic choices.


didn't click on all the links - just reading the list it sounds so impressive.
I have a bit of startitis myself, since it is holiday time, and I seem to want to knit a few small things.....

Barbara from Nova Scotia

You are the Devil! You knew how addictive stacking sheep was and you still gave us the link!

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