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You're inviting me, I hope!


Fantastic guest list. Much more high brow than mine!


Great list! Would provide much interesting and stimulating conversation!


Wow -- I like your list a LOT, except perhaps for 8 and 9. I think I'd sub Lise Meitner and Barbara Tuchman. Julia Child sure is on a lot of lists!


Great list!


A lofty list indeed! I would love to be a guest amongst your guests. :)


Great list! I just requested Perdido Street Station; read The City and the City last summer. Mieville is indeed an intriguing and interesting writer.


Interesting list! And who would you seat yourself next to?

I haven't read Mieville - he just got added to my list.


You've created the most fascinating list of guest. The crew is such a lively mix they may be staying for days!


I like your list best of all that I've read so far, although I don't know #9 and would sub Brunelleschi (sp?) to keep Terry amused. The man actually walked up and down all the steps in the Duomo two weeks ago! I might throw Peter Reinhart in there, too, or Richard Bertinet, who is much better looking.

Happy Thanksgiving!


That's a really great list. I think Einstein would be fun, as well as Jon Stewart. Although that sounds like a really odd-duck duo, doesn't it?

Caroline M

I cannot seat twelve. For this I am thankful.


Oh, yes, Charlemagne. I so wanted to name my son Charlemagne. But the husband exercised his veto power.


To completely abandon the nice, thoughtful discussion, your farmers' market has produce with stickers?!?


Sounds like it would be a fascinating dinner, I would want to sit between Kate & Julia, I've read books on these two ladies and it would be so much fun to hear what they have to say.


Ooooh, I love China Mielville! His writing is so fabulously evocative and rich.


That's a really good list. Rich with history. I think that the Great Kate would be fabulous. Sorry i didn't put her on my list.


Leonardo, Kate and Sean? I would totally buy a ticket and fly across country to be with these three.... just tell me when ;-)

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