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Oh, Todd Rundgren, thank you! I had not realized that song was his, I always remember Runt, 'We got to get you a woman.' He is so talented; did I hear that he produces?. I'm sorry he isn't as spontaneous a performer now (taking your advice, I haven't looked, but I want to see if anyone's posted WGTGYAW because I liked it). Isn't YouTube swell? Things you can't get commercially because they were never released...someone posted the beginning of Prospero's Books; so considerate, and the film version of The Reluctant Widow that Georgette Heyer's son disliked and she would have HAAATED had she not very wisely stayed away.

Speaking of staying away, I didn't go to Rhinebeck because I didn't want to buy anything (apt has reached critical mass) and am seriously considering taking a course next time, as a way of justifying the trip! Because I will not have knit and spun up the stash by then. Maybe I can teach the cat to spin...

Caroline M

Everyone is getting baskets for Christmas this year then? It looks lovely and you are rightfully proud. I bet it holds a lot of fibre too.


Rattan Death March has given me a permanent case of the giggles. Glad you had a wonderful time, and that basket is a beauty.

Cheryl S.

Well, darn it, of course I had to click on the link you said not to. You were right. Gaaah.


My favorite Rundgren was during his Nazz years. I had the Nazz album and the vinyl was red!
The basket is fabulous! Basket making does shred the hands, it's one reason I only made two, but neither were as beautiful as yours. The Rhinebeck bounty is well chosen.


It really is a beautiful basket.


Hello, you! Glad you posted (finally) about the basket. I thought you had given up on showing it off. I should have known better. Mwah!


That basket is awesome! I wish I knew how to do that. What a great class to take.


You know, the weirdest thing is that I've had that song running in and out of my head for days now. Must be something in the air. It's an earworm epidemic!


It was a very strange Rhinebeck for me....did not run into ANYONE. I did park right behind Kim's car, but that doesn't hardly count. Must take the basket class next year....yours is awesome!

You'll be shocked, but I have no idea who or what Briar Rose might be. I have issues with Spirit Trail (after trying to buy something there five festivals in a row and having the "Booth Babes" totally ignore me till I had to leave, I have given up) and still have un-knit yarn from my very first Rhinebeck in 2001. Again, love the basket!


Your mention of Todd Rundgren took me straight back to my sophomore year in college, when I dated a guy who was a devoted fan. He gave me a copy of 'Something, Anything', thinking it was the most romantic thing ever. And from him, at the time, it was.

We didn't date long. I don't know where he ended up. I can't even remember his last name. But I do remember Todd Rundgren.


Snort: Rattan Death March!

Of course I had to click on the smarmy Todd video. Ouch.


That's a really nice basket! (I think I'm going to stick with weaving fabric for now, though.)


A Very Handsome Basket, Indeed!


I remember seeing Todd play at the then newly opened Tower Theater in...Upper Darby PA. Must have been 'round 1973 or so? Gaah, he's become a lounge act!

Nice work on the basket!


Hey, you deserve to be bragging about that fantastic basket.. it will probably be the item you remember the most fondly from this year's Rhinebeck! Nice tribute to the season too, though.


I hope you bring your knitting in that basket on Wednesday!


Wow! I have been feeling a bit nostalgic this past month and Todd Rundgren was top of the list of artists I have been listening to. I remember him from my sophomore year in college when a boyfriend bought several of his albums. I have him on my Pandora station. Loved your original link. I did go look at the ghastly one. You were *spot* on regarding his Tom Jones impersonation- just bad in so many ways. He certainly has the skunk look going too eh?

Your basket is awesome and it was so cute to see you beaming over it at Rhinebeck. :-)


Sigh. Resistance is futile. I'm glad you took that class in baskets tho, because you totally need another hobby! And a beautiful one to boot!


The basket is awesome -- I love it!


Who you calling a cougar??

Oh. Right.


The basket is great. I'll have to try to take a basket making class. Maybe next year.

So glad I got to meet you at Rhinebeck.


That is a beautiful basket! You should be very proud of yourself.


I am sorry that I missed Rhinebeck this year. I plan to save for next year, though. It is a long drive for me and a big commitment of time and money, but I think it's worth it.

Melissa G

Hey, that's a really cool basket--you MADE that?! Didn't get to Rhinebeck and won't be in Aspen this year either--we may try Utah, haven't done the ski safari there yet. The ski conditioning class starts tomorrow!


I loved spending time with you and your beeutiful basket!!



I'm impressed by your basket, and sorry that I did not see it in person.


Glad you enjoyed the basketweaving. I'm teaching a class in December and need to get off my butt and do some planning... (Yes, I'm a basketweaver, too. If you need help or advice...)
Someday, I'll make it to Rhinebeck. I say that every year. Eventually it will be true.


om gosh. breathtaking basketry!!! woo hoo!! new skill = new joy and new crafts, and makes us ever so happy that we shall never run out of ways to create beauty. That basket is amazing.
So glad that you had such fun at Rhinebeck. I love your description of passing thru the Berkshire mtns, anticipating deer... to the veils being thin, the ghosts dancing ever so near, as they toss around acorns and leaves.


Lovely basket! Are you taking orders yet? ;o) It was wonderful to see you (for two seconds) at Rhinebeck :o)


How did I miss this? Rattan Death March, lol.

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