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Good luck with the turkey and the shopping and the points and the sweater!


Two turkeys and a leg of lamb this year -- I like cooking but after a while it becomes work. Your list is very tidy compared to mine!

I know what you mean about the honest/kind thing -- same problem with my guy. Love him even more because I could never be that way. We balance each other.

Good luck with the sweater. Make sure the lifeline is very fine gauge so you don't end up with an actual line later.

Caroline M

I think we might be having chili or maybe fish. One Christmas dinner in a year is enough for me, I'm thankful that I don't do two so close together.


I feel sure turkey day cooking will go smoothly. Just remember to knit before too much wine. :)

I am off the hook - no cooking for me this year (Yippee!), although I do have to work, which is always kind of a bummer.


Hannah and I went to Whole Foods yesterday. It's not where we usually shop but I needed agave nectar. She had never been there was was amazed. But OH the crowds!


Whole Foods...I do miss Whole Foods out here in the frontier of Upstate. Next time you go, give me a quick moment of silence, k? And, isn't it odd, that after years of knitting and countless items coming off of our needles that we can still be befuddled and annoyed at having to work something out. Keeps us on our toes so to speak. I am sure your solution, whatever it may be, will be perfect.


Sounds like your Thanksgiving Day will be a well orchestrated celebration of good food and wines. I'm sure the sweater will be fine. Full speed ahead indeed.


Sunday morning in Utah is a good time to head to any store. We're on our way out in a few minutes. The menu is small, not traditional and for 4 only. May your T-day be full of good food, good family and good friends, (oh and very good wine). ;-)


After many many years of cooking the whole turkey day spread, we now go to a relative's for dinner. I (mostly) don't miss the work, but I do miss the refrigerator full of leftovers.
May your cooking and your knitting come off without a hitch!


I will be braving the grocery store on Tuesday night to get a fresh turkey. Wish me luck!


Ay yi yi, indeed. I've got 10 adults and 4 children who will be around my table on Thursday. We're just doing turkey and the fixings, and I've farmed out a couple of things to family members to do. One of these years we're packing up and going on vacation, leaving the kidlets and orphan neighbors to their own devices.


I'm like Gayle -- my mom or my sister almost always do Thanksgiving now. I don't miss the work (though I really don't mind it, either), but I DO miss the leftovers. We usually take a few with us, but it's never "enough"...


Melissa G

The countdown has begun in that this morning I confirmed for how many I'm cooking.


"Auxiliary Whole Foods visitation" - I love that! I'm not cooking for the holiday this year so I'll need to remember that for the future when I send my husband to the store for the 5th time to get stuff I forgot. It sounds way better.


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full speed ahead. I agree.
It's only a sweater! (and bless Mr. Etherknitter for his kindness/honesty ) He obviously has his eye on the important things of life (and it is not whether or not you K2tog under one of the arms... grin)

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