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The back of a large truck in Chinatown San Francisco a few years ago was full of pigs. Most American's like the chops or tenderloins and don't want to know what animal it came from.
The handspun is gorgeous and you shouldn't hold out on us!


Gives me flashbacks of fetal pig dissections. That fiber spun up wonderfully in your talented hands!


I don't think I could eat a pig after it looked at me like that!


It's amazing how the knitting process turns "unworthy" yarn into something beautiful! It's not finished till it's.....knitted!


ok Laurie I have to say it...........E.W.WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Yes, fetal pig flashbacks, totally!

How can you eat something that appears to be smiling at you. :( :(


Reminds me of when we were in Mexico and the pig head was proudly displayed on the fence. Ewwwwwwww.


I talked with my favourite butcher about suckling pig. He's happy to supply them, but feels they're a waste of money and time - too little flesh for the investment. I'm still tempted :-)

Lisa McGuire

How do they get the little piggies to look like that? I mean, they're not alive, though they kind of, sort of look as if they are. (Well, maybe with dirty glasses on and squinty eyes.) I'm intrigued. :)


Madman and I served a roasted suckling pig at our wedding. (Medieval theme. Much fun.) Some of the guests kept covering its face as it lay in state on the buffet table...
Lovely yarn! Whatcha gonna make?


We did a pig roast every year when we lived in Spain. That truly is a different culture and I miss it. Those people really know how to get out and live!


Oh, and the yarn looks luscious - more luscious than the pigs do! LOL


I don't feel "ewwwww" because they're dead pigs. I LOVE pork! And one of our good friends donated a butchered hog for our wedding buffet... freshly killed, roasted pork... yum!
But that one *is* laughing at us. And I can't decide whether to laugh back or ewwwww.


Right now I'm really glad that I don't eat pig. Your handspun is lovely. You should share it more often.

Caroline M

I like big pigs, you get more bacon and sausage that way.

I have a similar problem photographing spinning, the pretty bobbin shots just aren't happening.

Melissa G

How far away from our food sources we are! One of the best weddings I've been to served roast pig--we gathered 'round the roaster for first dibs. Also, nothing beats bacon that has never seen plastic.


Spareribs and lobster are the two reasons I will never keep kosher.


Oh Laurie, that homespun is gorgeous! What an inspired pairing of rovings.


They look like they're talking!


The handknits and yarn - yummmmm! The pigs - ewwwwww!
So what's that beautiful, soft, subtle 2 ply DK going to grow up to be?


love the handspun.
and yeah.. I can totally get behind having a pig on a spit ;-)

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