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Caroline M

For some reason I thought you'd plied that already, months ago.


Once you attach the sleeves you begin to decrease. The yoke will go faster than you think.


Coopworth, huh? I bought some at Rhinebeck and sampled up a bit as navajo ply. I was pleasantly surprised. I'd like to know more about how yours comes out.


The pullover looks great! Can't wait to see the plied singles. It'll be fine.


I love getting to the point where you add the sleeves...it's almost done!

I've bookmarked Etherply :-)

oh and nice list down below - WOW!


If you turn your Kate on its side, the bobbins don't roll backward. Just sayin'


I'm not patient enough to let my singles sit very long - usually I'm foaming at the mouth wanting to start the plying.
Your kate is pretty. Mine is an antique that falls apart if I look at it cross-eyed. (I've learned to only look at it with one eye closed, just to prevent that...)


I still haven't spun Baritone! Good thing fiber doesn't have an expiration date.


You know what I love about Margene? She is the eternal optimist. Even about sweater yoke numbers. :)



Sorry, was there other stuff in this post? ;)


yeah, I don't tension mine either... go figure

and just lookey that gorgeous red sweater. yahoo... (and yup, I agree with Margene, it gets faster once you get to the yoke

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