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I love that red!


The sweater is going to look awesome! I'm half way through the second bobbin of my Felicia.


Anxious to see your spinning photos.

The new comments thing is a PITA, isn't it? (and you don't have to answer that because... well... it's a PITA.)


Oh, lovely red. And you're knitting SWEATERS!!!! I'm so proud of you!!!! More cake for Etherknitter! More cake all around! Whee!!!!!

OK, OK, I'll climb back in my dark, dank dungeon cell now and be a grown-up again....


Mr. E in red? Perfect! Hopefully by the time I'm back in the bloggging saddle Typepad will have come to it's senses and all will be well. I certainly let them know what I think (several times). The last message they sent was promising.


What a PITA! Now you see why my responses are titled re:
I do like the RED.


Beautiful! I think Norma and Joan are beating them into submission. And smacking down random witty, cultured bloggers who get in the way. It's a beautiful thing too.

Cheryl S.

Hang in there. I suspect Typepad will realize they made a big mistake and fix things.


Thanks for the sweater suggestion, since I seem to be knitting for the "boys" in my life these days. Currently working on the Urban Aran Cardigan (ala Jared's mods) for DS #1, have another cabled sweater for DS #2 and needed a suggestion for the stepson. This one will work perfectly for him.

Melissa G

Oh, another man sweater without saggy dropped armholes! Twist Collective is genius.


Love the red yarn! Don't give up on TP (TypePad, ToiletPaper, you choose) just yet....I hear Norma has them quaking in their boots!


I'm jealous -- your DH is much easier to knit for than mine. I have to add FIVE INCHES to the inner part of the yoke to accommodate my DH's barrel chest.

If the help ticket process doesn't work, I'm friends with an EVP at SixApart... I did port everything over to WordPress just to see if I can function there and it looks as if it might work okay with my vision, maybe.

Twist Collective is wonderful.


That sweater will be beautiful in red. Is tubular cast-on I see?
I need to get back into making sweaters. I used to make at least 2 a year; now my output is down to one every 2 years...


yay for gorgeous extreme red.
and I too have had that happen when knitting with different brands of needles who were supposedly the same size. gaack.

I also put in a help ticket, and got an answer already from typepad - they simply said to copy/paste the email address over the top of the reply to thread address. an extra step to be sure, but it works for now - and I think that they have been a bit stunned by the knit-blogging-uprising over this issue. I heard that it was all going to be remedied soon (?)


I do love that red!!


Love that red sweater in the making. Looking forward to modeled shots.


That Extremely Red is delicious. I couldn't convince my husband to wear that color even for promises of unlimited sex. He says he'll wear any color, as long as it's blue.
And I think Kfb increases should be banned.


That is a wonderful sweater!


I didn't see this sweater at Twist or at the Slater Mill Trunk Show. Nice for a man or woman!!!

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