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You are welcome. :) I think. Gah. I hate frogging tho.

Cute video link - thank you for that. My favorite version is the one from the foozball film, The Replacements. No clue why, except maybe the randy, strung-out Welshman in it. We'll leave it at that.


I have to come to grips with the fact that I have 2 sweaters on the needles, both entirely too large, that need frogging. I attribute this to three factors:
1) my inability to decide how much ease is appropriate (answer: less than I expected)
2) my lack of awareness of my current hip measurement (smaller than expected)
3) gauge swatches lie
Any one of these three things would be problematic. All together, I have a sweater that is 7" too big.

(Oh, hi, I just wrote a blog post. Mind if I take a photo and republish to my own darn blog?)


Invoice to Ms. Etherknitter, for use of items in "blogposts":

Alert me when Whitefish Bay starts selling fleeces, OK? I have Corrie Lust.

Cheryl S.

Sorry you had to have a frogging session too!


Gah! A WFB Corrie fleece un-useable post processing?? WTH?

I need to get to my Felicia soon- her very last fleece after yours. Nice center pulled roving and bobbin of singles btw.

Sorry about the schmata and the frogging! You worked so diligently on it. Sigh.


That WB fleece result is upsetting. Hard to frog, but necessary. You don't want an ill-fitting sweater.


Yay Etherknitter!!

And don't tell Lynn about Whitefish Bay: she doesn't need any more fleece. (Feel free to tell her I said so, and that even from way over here I can see that she's got enough fleeces.)


Would the nepps be the responsibility of the shearer or the mill? Consider this a pm, please.

And remember, we love to knit. You just get to do it twice. And did you knit a gauge swatch to begin with?


Oh what a bummer about the poor processing.


I just frogged an entire sweater. It was destined for the littlest grandkid, but was way too honking big. The other three stuck their little noses up at the color (burnt orange...thinking Halloween...from the sale bin at WEBS) so it got frogged. It might make some hats and mittens....or get overdyed.

As for the closer investigation of fleeces going forward, I sure learned my lesson on that Grand Champion, Blue Ribbon, judged by Mr. Ford himself, Corriedale, didn't I? I lost close to two pounds of the six pound total to second cuts. Fortunately, I did go through the fleece, lock by lock. The resulting roving is lovely. I'm still debating sending the young breeder a note, as I suspect he also did the shearing.

Your neppy fleece wasn't from my friend out west, I hope?!


I don't think combing out the neps will add pleasure to your life. And, I may not trust you with combs in your hands just now.

Caroline M

Find someone who will love that ewe, neps and all. It's not as if you have so much free time that you can waste it on combing something that shouldn't need it. It's money wasted but it doesn't need to be time wasted too.

We knit, we rip. Sometimes we learn a lesson in the process (I wish I did)


Combing out the fleece could be regarded as character-building. Though, how much character do we actually *need*?


I avoid processors who pick fleece as a matter of course. I don't have neppy roving from excellent fleeces anymore.


"Admire your work often"

When I worked in a yarn shop one of my co-workers admonished us to admire our work OFTEN. Purpose was to see the good and the bad, so to fix the bad sooner.


Hmmm. good idea to have a frogging party. maybe we should begin a net-wide fall tradition. I (cough cough) have just a few (cough cough) that should be frogged.

the fleece processing dilemmas: it's so true that any step of the journey for a fleece can potentially be a disaster! being a shepherdess/shepherd who intends to sell their wool is not for the feint of heart. the corrie/romney cross has been one of my favorites. is the one you show a challenge?? such a stunning color to it.


Oh, some big disappointments there. I hope Felicia is giving much pleasure.

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