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Oh lucky you to visit Barcelona. One of my favorite cities, the Gaudi architecture is so wonderful! Cute hat, too!


I really want to go there -- it's on my "bucket" list! Great hat -- will look darling on baby Eloise!


*Sigh* You've just lived one of my dreams. Gaudi in Spain. So envious.

And that hat is darling!


Okay, Barcelona is now on my Bucket List! I think the "lunch from 2:30-4 will convince Terry! And since you are not on Facebook, I will tell you that I passed the "Sharpshooter" level today in the Women on Target Pistol Qual Course. 10-target average of 93 (out of 100) at 50'. The course requires 5 targets with a score of at least 60 and 5 targets with a score of 65. At 30'. Heh.


Barcelona sounds like a great place to spend some time. Love the idea of slowing down time, eating and drinking well. Of course you did due diligence before you left. :-D


I love that little hat. Your trip to Spain sounds heavenly.


Thanks for the mini-tour! I'll have to go research Gaudi now. He had me at the roofline...
And very nice hat.


With a balcony view like that, I might get C to think about all the walking. GORGEOUS!!


what a glorious time it must have been. And how fun that you got to indulge the night-owl in you.
Great hat for Cheryl's new little beauty.


That sounds like a fabulous time. Blocking the hat on a medicine ball - that's funny!


I am jealous! I love Gaudi. I do think he was kind of nuts, though. Very adorable hat!


Sigh. Yes, the bucket list does grow deeper. :D

Cute hat!!!

Melissa G

I've had my eye on that building. But that's not it for architecture in Barcelona.
Another locale with ideal (weather) climate is Nairobi...big animals instead of architecture there.


I love that hat and am going to check out the pattern to see if they have a size for my little Great Niece. Fab photos, they really have depth to them. What a nice way to start my day.


Oh, it sounds wonderful!!!


Thank you for the Gaudi pictures. Genius!


Love your travelblog. And that hat.


Ohhhh, I'm in love with Gaudi.

Carol Cousins-Tyler

I hope you are enjoying you trip. I saw pictures several years ago of some of Gaudi's work, and thought it was very inspirational. I worked with a woman from Venezuela, who had never heard of him until I mentioned his name. (We were inspecting a cell phone with excessive lights and whistles at the time.) I called it the Gaudi phone and had to show her pictures of Gaudi's architecture. Both our jaws dropped.
Be safe!

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