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Faux pas? I didn't notice any. It was fun, we didn't talk enough, but that's always the case. I swatched for two new Twist sweaters last night - you don't have a monopoly on crazy-making, you know.


Lace without beads works nicely for plane-knitting - scarves or shawls, but frankly, as long as the thing is on needles I can get thru security with, I'm game for almost anything I've got as a WIP. And it depends on how mindless, but probably yes - mindless is too mindless for a whole week. Helpful, aren't I? :P


We're ready for the change of seasons, as everything is crazy making. You can never take too many knitting projects or enough variety. A little lace, a sock, a sweater (perhaps only a sleeve is needed), but don't short change yourself. You'll either knit on it all or not touch on piece. Preparation is simply due diligence. The FR sounds like a good way to start decompression. Must find that T shirt!


Glad you made it through new resident training.
And just remember what I said about the having brain cells left.... it's not in the fine print, I tell ya.
do I sniff a vacation in the making??? Perhaps a small lace scarf - or a simple pullover? And yes, I always take more than one project.(that is, when I actually get a vacation - grins)

Caroline M

Holiday knitting - if not socks then simple lace, something with an easy pattern that you have the hang of after a couple of repeats. Something on a circular needle, they don't wander off and lose themselves down the back of chairs nor break if you sit on them. I agree with Margene though, take more than you need and a good variety unless you are withing walking distance of a good yarn store.


I never get tired of socks so those always go with me on a plane. But I think lace would also make good plane knitting.

Cheryl S.

90/90? Urgh.
Just the thought of it makes me ill.


I refuse to wish for cooler weather despite the high temps and humidity. I remember how cranky everybody was last winter when it seemed spring would never arrive. I'm going to soak up all the heat I can to get me through the cold dark months.

I love that t-shirt!


I can't imagine you committing a faux pas...truly. ;)

I missed you Saturday...although I do hate sitting out side in the sun when it is H,H and H. ;)


I've brought mittens, hats, scarves on a plane. Cheap needles for sure! I lost 3 sets of circulars to security while trying to leave Mexico. Never again!


Sleeves are good for plane knitting. (Not that I fly much, but it's what I used last time I flew.) Forces you to work on the sleeves!
Perfect lunch for a Triple-H day? Tomato sandwich, with a tomato so ripe the juice drips off your elbows...


I like Gayle's Triple H lunch! Of course with an ice cold glass of green iced tea!

I too have to chime in and say I can't imagine you tripping into the faux pas zone. I'm sure you were fine. I love Erin's shirt and the double entendre attached to it.

So sad to have missed Revival yet again and Barbara's plying class.


I hope you are nourishing those frazzled neurons with something colorful, perhaps cold and fun to swallow. And if you committed any faux pas, you've got enough good credits built up, nobody noticed. But I'm betting you didn't.


I always take too many projects. But I figure better too many than running out of things to knit. Usually a pair of socks or mittens, something lace, something to seam (I hate assembly so it takes FOREVER) and maybe a larger project if I'm feeling ambitious.

I want to know where to get the T-shirt.


I noticed nothing pas-ish. Just so you know.

I was at that corn festival though - very late.


I am totally loving the HHH weather this year. Can't complain about the cold, without embracing the hot.

That yogurt lunch sounds delicious.


I don't envy you the heat. We're back to 60 degrees and raining here. Maybe summer's over.

Sleeves are good on a plane (Sleeves On A Plane? Sounds like a bad movie!). Lace is even better, as long as it's a relatively long flight, or you have relatively short rows to work on. Nothing worse than being right in the middle of a lace row and having a flight attendant tell you you've arrived, you have to get off the plane, now, ma'am.


I knit mittens on 2 circs (the inexpensive ones from KnitPicks) and light-weight scarves.

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