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Wow is right - that's some gorgeous yarn! Do you have plans for it after you pet and stare at it for a while?


It's time to start buying something other than blue and green, m'dear.


Yes, that is a law. And if you don't like the plied yarn, cable it.

Knitty litter.....snort!


Actually... yes - I think that might be a rule. Or at least, it seems to work that way a lot for me too.


Don't listen to Carole. I love the stuff you buy. And the stuff you make out of it. Beautiful yarn that.


When you can spin yarn that beautiful who really cares what state of chaos your fiber is in? Just grab the nearest fiber and keep spinning!


That is one crazy fiber room!


I agree with Margene. Love the skeins. Looking forward to the show-and-tell in person.


How many Rubbermaids?!? LOL.


Heehee.......I love the Knitty Litter...haha!


"Knitty litter" is hysterical... and so TRUE!


Oh, thanks. Now I have to go look up hysteresis ;-)




knitty litter!!! thank you! lol

Caroline M

Lovely yarn, especially the subtle greens. I have had fibre that looked awful, singles that were not much better looking and yet the resulting yarn was stunning. That's why I like plying I suppose.

Keep spinning, it's the best way to tidy fibre.


So when do you start paying me for furnishing you with blog fodder?

Oh, wait, never mind; this way I don't have to write my own blog.

I'm not buying any more bins either. Which means I need to spin/knit/weave A LOT before Rhinebeck and SOAR.

Also, I may have cast on/swatched for four sweaters and a hat in the last week.

Isn't everyone glad I'm here to mark the outer fringes of the bell curve?


Lovely yarn. Good to see you using more twist. You make me miss spinning, but I have a few knitting projects that are higher priority...

I am glad to see you are not buying more bins. They are too small. I am assuming you will now fill the garage?


It's not disorganized if it's all in one place. That's how I explain the piles on my desk,next to the couch, behind my kitchen chair. That's the way I organize my knitty litter.


I don't think my knitty litter will ever be under control...and mine doesn't even include all that beautiful fiber.
Purty yarn!


The yarn is stunning!
I've getting up trying to be organized. I'm just trying to stay Not Overwhelmed...


Oy! Make that "given up", not "getting up"
Need more coffee...


Knitty litter - snicker snort!

A skein like that Spunky BFL always makes me wish I'd bought that fiber. Yum.


yummy yarn.
and the cool news is that knit up, sometimes, event the ugliest of yarns will be stunning.
wait and see.

I'm all for movin' stuff around so that one room is organized. :-)

Lee Ann

Is that wrong to move stuff around? Wow. I've been doing organization all wrong. :-)

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