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Caroline M

You can hire people to do the garden but the rest I'm afraid is down to you. I'd suggest ditching the piano for a nice floor loom but then that's ne projecting (it's got pedals and makes a nice noise - no-one will spot the difference).

You need something for that cough - honey and lemon perhaps?


LOL! If you come across a day-stretcher, you will let me know, won't you?


I'm sorry to be missing the Revival this year. I'm feeling in need of a bit of rejuvenation/restoration myself.

Have fun!!




That seems to be my current problem - too many "hobbies" on top of "real" commitments. See you Saturday!


I think we all know exactly what you are discussing here. ;). I know I need some rejuvenation as well, but I am not sure if I will make it down to Revival this year.

Cheryl S.



Works gets in the way of so much living!


Which do you need worse, longer days or more cough drops?


I was going to leave a comment anyway, but then I saw Gayle's about the cough drops and completely forgot what I was going to say!

You're too funny, Laurie!!

Melissa G

Oh dear: spouse, dog + children, work/volunteer, reading, knitting/spinning, designing patterns(trying),garden, exercise. 24 hours? Oh yeah, sleeping and eating are important too. Cheers to multitasking!


Just like everything else, they're not making days like they used to. Much shorter than when I was a kid :P

(formerly) no-blog-rachel

You're a funny person (as well as talented); I wish I knew you in person!


Yup. Life is too short and (dammit) it's getting shorter every day. I briefly debated the calorie-restricted diet to gain more time... but that wouldn't be a life worth living :-)


SOOO glad it's not just me!! :)

At least I'm in good company.


My vacation preempted both Sock Summit and Fiber Revival this year. Look at my last two blog posts and make an informed judgment as to whether I care. (Well, I do. A little. Kind of. I wish I had a Time Turner.)


I'm sorry to have missed the revival. It always falls when we're on vacation - which is a drag.


darned if life doesn't get in the way of all our hobbies. (hah hah)

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