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There is some lovely stuff on your needles right now. :)

Something about that waterspout looks so wrong.... :)


"Postsurgical Wound"? Medical titles may be exquisitely descriptive and accurate, but they ain't gonna sell. :-)


How about "Blood & Guts"?




Let's hope that Kim or Amy or Judy never ask you for help with naming their color combos!


Rabbitch would love the names you gave the fibre.

That fountain is very cool and of course kids think it's awesome. I would have.


Hey, I'm spinning exactly that Spunky for the Tour de Fleece. Great minds and all that.


I dunno, that would appeal to someone. pretty colors, whatever you call it.


Ah, to be a kid again. Your knitting seems to be treating you well as it's growing so quickly! You'll show the yarn after you've spun the fiber, right? Bruised Spinner..that's a great name.

Caroline M

I let my son name a braid once, would you believe he came out with "orange wool of destiny".


ouch! Love the fountain. Just enough disconcerting to make it funny.

Beautiful knitting. Still on vacation?


I see the colorway as Bruised Spinner, or Postsurgical Wound

Or Injection Site Trauma. Thanks Laurie, you made me laugh, which was sorely needed.


Hilarious names. Ya good thing they don't let you name them!


You are too funny. Yeah, I can't imagine there would be a lot of takers for the Post-Surgical Wound Colorway. Or for the Postpartum Colorway :-)


I don't know, I think there'd be a sizeable market for fiber with names like that! The Marilyn Manson crowd, perhaps, but still.


I think Post-Surgical Wound has a nice ring to it. And it certainly invokes an emotional, heck in me, a physical response. I'm not sure I would want to be meditating on it while spinning.......



I LOVE post surgical wound, I think that should totally be a colourway.

(formerly) no-blog-rachel

Postsurgical Wound - snork! How much do you want to bet that there are plenty of us out there twisted enough to buy something with that name? Too funny.

Kathleen C.

Oh! I lke Kim's coloway suggestion... Injection Site trauma... niiiiice.
Better than Dolphin vs. Shark which is what occurred to me. I've been reading David Brin's uplift series.


Love the Post Surgical Wound for a colorway! But don't let it bleed on your new Cherry Schacht underneath it. That would be bad! ;-)


Or Torsion and Gangrene! hehe OR Blood and Guts.


Is there always a crowd of kids to serve as warning, or does the fountain occasionally spit on the unsuspecting tourist?
Your names are certainly more evocative of the colorway. I'm partial to "Bruised Spinner" myself...


That fountain is tremendously cool.


LOL. I have to agree with you about the wound. I might have to get some.

Love your knitting, and I am enjoying your tour of Chicago sites.


Yes, it is a good thing. I have some of that Thunderstorm biffle as well: it's waiting until I finish the Blue Moon merino.


don't feel bad. one night, after a particularly rough day at work, i went to S&B, and we devised a whole line that were based on things like gas gangrene, and infectious mucous. it was great!

lynne s of oz

Hmn, I rather like the post surgical wound name for the fibre! Very descriptive! Bruised Spinner is also good. Some of us like the yucky stuff :-)
That looks like a fun fountain!


I do know, your names for that fiber are kinda 'catchy" heh heh... we could call your fiber line :"just what the Dr ordered", or maybe "take two and call me in the morning".... yeah - I can see the whole line up now

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