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Doesn't it feel good to make the decision and move on? The yarn will live as something you'll use and love more than a sock.


I think you made the right decision. Can you imagine how depressing it would be to knit socks and have them worn thru so quickly? A shawl will work just fine with the nice long colorways.

Caroline M

Sometimes you need to take the time to realise what your knitting is saying to you. It took you a while though didn't it?


I knit a Northern Lights shawl with Noro sock yarn, too, and I love it!


I haven't heard anything good about Noro Sock Yarn....for socks. My friend, Other Marcia, HATED the yarn. I tried to warn her at WEBS, but....

When does your wheel get there....or do you have it already? I have at least another three whole weeks!


Adios Noro sock. I made a smallish shawl from my Kureyon sock and LOVE it.


Sometimes a grrl has to do what a grrl has to do, right?


Good to know. I have some Noro Sock that I bought at least a year ago because I was traveling and I haven't seen it around here. After I bought it I had second thoughts because it doesn't feel pleasant at all. It may just go into my sock blanket.


This is why I use mostly Regia, with occasional forays into Trekking, Lorna's (for sleeping socks, not walking socks), Fortissima and Kroy. No reason to do all that knitting and not be able to enjoy the socks for a long time.


Well. Done. Good for you. The shawl will be beautiful, and hopefully much more pleasureable.


Cool phots, love the contrast. Sock begone,wool to start anew.


Oops, p h o t O s.


That is a great picture. I've often thought about it too.


I'd be afraid to use it for a shawl - my socks are quite itchy - I can't imagine it around my neck!


Um, but if the yarn hurt your hands while knitting the sock, won't it hurt your hands while knitting the shawl? (If you need someone to take over the yarn, I would sacrifice myself...)


cool photo of the John Hnacock bldg. ;-)
meh.. Noro yarn for socks sounded wonky to me from the start. I think you made a great choice to frog!


Hmmm. I have some of that in the stash, too. I don't much like the feel of it, either. There is another shawl pattern using this. Search for Simple Yet Effective Shawl on Rav (the fingering weight version).

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