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Sounds like an awesomely fun vacation! And another knitting convert? Even better. :)


LOL. I think I see some nupps in there.


Love that Etherniece has developed such a fabulous habit already. Plus her patience in waiting a year = future as a fabulous knitter.

Swallowtail is a blast. Beware the nupps (and send up a smoke signal if you'd like any input ;-)


Cool post! You have shared a talent that will live with your niece all her life.
There's a secret to nupps. Just ask.


You are just a treasure.


At least etherniece is satisfied with commercially spun yarn. When I allowed la fille to choose any yarn she wanted from my stash, she went straight to the handspun.


I hope to get to the Art Institute when we're in Chicago next month. It's so close to Loopy Yarns. The children are lobbying for the Field and the Aquarium, though.


When considering whether to teach my son to spin (not yet) I was warned to be aware that he would quickly and easily outpace my learning and abilities.
LOVE that last picture.


I love the supporting photos/ subjects you saw for your post! Brilliant. Etherniece will be a great knitter in no time. :-) You have done well Etherauntie in infecting her!


Absolutely love the photos. Still smiling.
Swallowtail is a lot of fun - enjoy! I've made two - I figured out a cheat on the nupps that worked for me, before I saw the video on how to do them properly. I'll have to try the real way on my next nupps. (The results are identical - I'm just curious which way is ultimately easier.)


perfect vacation. love the illustrations. did you see the movie on Gehry?? do!


What a great post!!
Etherniece is very lucky to have such a wonderful auntie!


wonderful :-)


Great illustrations to go with your vacation post. Makes me miss Chicago even more.

Cheryl S.

How funny - just this morning we drove by the Brain Institute in Las Vegas (under construction), which is by Frank Gehry:


Oh but Etherknitter, the Knowlton School of Architecture at The Ohio State University has an extensive collection of famous architects 'napkin' or 'trash' sketches. (I think it's a requirement that all guest lecturers have to provide one.)

Believe me they almost all look like scribbles. Freehand sketching is apparently not something that is taught in the architecture curriculum any longer.

And I'm class of '88.


Happily giggled my way through your vacation posts! Sounds like your vacation did what it should. Good for you!

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